Lockdown and Home Schooling: Hamish (aged 11)

Weeks of ‘home schooling’ can be a challenge to parents.  Jai asked her mother if she and I would set some ‘projects’ for her children.  My ‘project’ was always going to have a link to history, geography and even a tea towel if possible.  There were two parts to the project.

For the first part, I asked Hamish to find out 15 different facts about New Zealand, without the help of Google.  Why New Zealand?  Because I know that Hamish spent a whole month there with his parents, because I know he will have no memories of New Zealand as he was only 6 months old at the time, because I have never been there so know very little about the country and because I have a lot of tea towels of New Zealand!

Hamish came up with some really interesting facts about New Zealand; the only one that I knew was that the journey to New Zealand was Hamish’s first time on a plane.

The second part of the ‘project’ was to interview his parents to find out what they remembered of the holiday and then use at least three of the facts in an article about New Zealand.  A drawing could be included.  The word count was about 150 words.  This is Hamish’s Project, with drawing, and as with every other article in ‘We’re all in this together’, I provide the tea towels!

                                        New Zealand

“If I were to go to New Zealand I would go to the North Island as it is more inhabited and has more cities to do stuff in but also tall mountains that I would climb.  The indigenous people of New Zealand (Maori) migrated there over one hundred years ago away from the southeast of Asia to the North Island of New Zealand.  New Zealand is part of Australasia and it is off the coast of Sydney and Norfolk Island.

A traditional celebration for the Maori is called Waitangi Day.  This is where they rejoice the day where their rights were secured as people.  On this day the Tino Rangatiratanga flag (New Zealand’s Maori flag) is raised as a symbol of unity.  Also on this day the Maori wear skirts called Piupiu made from flax plants.

Did You Know?

New Zealand is the easiest country to do business in

I would like to go back to New Zealand because I think I would like the scenery”.


Thank you Hamish for your work about New Zealand; I quite fancy a trip there.  I love your drawing, and the ‘play on words’.  It’s good enough to be a tea towel!

One thought

  1. I really enjoyed your story of New Zealand, Hamish. Very good writing. Your drawing is great and I like how you broke up the writing with the “did you know” section. Did you know that there is a shoe polish brand called Kiwi?


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