Fee’s Tea Towel

Virtual Tea Towel Museum


I have known Fee since October 1993; she was a student where I worked and I was her Practice Teacher.  We have maintained a close friendship over the years, even when she moved from the Midlands, back to Devon.  Fee has been a regular reader of my Tea Towel Blog, often offering comments, memories and constructive criticism about my ability to take photographs of my tea towels which involved me retaking photographs of all 800 tea towels.  It seems very appropriate to me that Fee should be my first ‘Guest’.  Fee is definitely not a tea towel collector; she admits to only owning five!

“Well – who would have thought it – my favourite tea towel is one you made for me.  I only have five tea towels – you may have given me three of them.  I have certainly never purchased one in my life…. I love this because…

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