Lynn’s Tea Towel


Let me introduce you to Lynn.  Lynn was a student social worker, on placement where I worked, many many years ago; I was her Practice Teacher.  When she finished her placement we kept in touch and have been friends for probably more than 20 years.  Lynn has listened to me ‘moan on’ about the storage system for my tea towels and, ever the Inventor, did come up with several solutions, one of which I based my eventual storage system on.  Lynn was one of the first people I asked to do a Guest Tea Towel; she agreed but first found a number of other people to do one first – Sharon, Helen……  She also scoured the camp site that she was staying on, taking a number of photos of tea towels, that people were using, which have appeared in ‘Enjoying Your Tea Towel’.  Now here, finally, is her story:

“Although, arguably, a very sexist image, we chose to ‘reclaim’ it and she seems happy enough in our kitchen.  It is my favourite tea towel.  It was bought as a Christmas present by our next door neighbour’s son who Helen saw being born and I got to know him when he was aged about 2.  I remember him knocking on our back door and asking if I wanted to play?  I was around 39 years old and for a long time he thought that I was a boy.  He now has two children of his own and is the Deputy Manager of a branch of Carluccios (a renowned chain of Italian restaurants) and we are very proud of him”.

That is a great story about how tea towels can evoke memories and I actually love the tea towel; it has worn well.  He couldn’t possibly have known, aged two, that he would find a career in Carluccios, after having bought you a tea towel from there.  It’s funny how things turn out.  Thank you Lynn and I look forward to receiving other pictures of tea towels that you convince people to let me have.

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