Clare’s Tea Towel


Clare is one of Fee’s best friends.  Fee is one of my best friends.  I have known Clare for about 10 years, although I haven’t seen her for a while.  Clare is one of those people who can be difficult to track down because she travels, goes abroad for a while and lives an interesting life (although tea towel-free).  Fee came to stay with me a couple of weeks ago and she was going to see Clare the day after.  “Do you think she would be a Guest Tea Towel?” I asked.  “I don’t know” said Fee, helpfully.  Knowing that Clare had recently moved into a new apartment, I sent Fee with a tea towel, celebrating loose leaf tea, as a house-warming gift.  Much to my delight I received a WhatsApp message with a picture of Clare, the tea towel I gave her together with her favourite tea towel.  The story of the tea towel was a recorded message.  I wish I could post it as it came but, instead, this is the transcription.  Fee always likes to challenge me!

“Hello, my name is Clare.  I actually use tea bags, quite a lot, in fact exclusively but the tea towel (the present about loose leaf tea) is very nice; it’s a nice present because I need tea towels.  I have just moved into a new place and I didn’t have any tea towels at all.  So I do need tea towels.

I bought two tea towels from, I must admit, Primark, I am ashamed to say, in a sort of Hawaiian print thing.  That’s the other one that I am holding up.  I was really sad because my favourite one got burnt on the cooker but I still use it because I really like it with a picture of Hawaiian style women with hibiscus flowers, all pinks and blues and exotic ferns.  It is my favourite tea towel although sadly, a little disheveled.  OK, that is the story of my tea towel”.

That’s a great tea towel story and demonstrates that a Guest Tea Towel doesn’t have to be an expensive, pure linen tea towel; it is just what you like and actually I’m off to Primark because that is a great tea towel.  Thank you Clare.

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