Celia’s Tea Towel Story


One of the specialist articles in the Virtual Tea Towel Museum is called ‘Things To Do With a Tea Towel’; it is very popular and a number of people have come up with new ideas, which I have added.  One of these is from Celia.  I have added her suggestions to ‘Things To Do With a Tea Towel’.  Celia has, however, taken some great photos which I think help in the creation of the Knitting Needle Holder and I thought “This is definitely a good tea towel story”.  Let Celia tell her story:

”I’ve used ‘School’ Tea Towels (the ones that children bring home with names and sketches of all their class) as holders for knitting needles.  I have always thought that these tea towels are too precious to use for drying up.  It is a simple process, easily done with a sewing machine.  It means that the tea towel can be used on a regular basis but does not suffer from wear and tear of being used to wipe dishes.

Fold the tea towel along the short side, wrong sides together, pattern on the outside.  Stitch lines all along the tea towel, leaving spaces which become ‘pockets’ for different sized needles.  Sew a length of tape on the edge of one of the short sides.

Place the needles in.  Fold the top edge of the tea towel over needles.  Roll up and tie the tape around the roll.  You can attach a label which describes what size needles are in each pocket.  This can also be used for cutlery”


I love this use for a ‘Special’ Tea Towel, whether it be a ‘School’ tea towel or may be a ‘Wedding Invitation Tea Towel’ or a celebratory tea towel like for the Diamond Jubilee.  Thank you Celia for sharing your idea and taking the trouble to provide some excellent pictures to help any budding ‘creators’.  As we say in the Virtual Tea Towel Museum, “Every tea towel tells a story”!


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