Emma’s Tea Towel Story


I like being able to ‘meet’ new people on Twitter, and now Instagram.  While I, boringly, use virtually the same name on both forms of social media, it took me a while to work out that @emmagraney, letterloves and letterloves.co.uk/Blog were all one and the same person.  Emma is a fascinating woman, not obsessed with one thing (e.g. tea towels!) but has multifarious interest and takes some really interesting pictures; I love the shopping lists.

Having been in contact with Emma sometime ago when I posted a picture of my ‘Charles and Diana’ tea towel, she counteracted with hers.  Both demonstrate how unlikely their marriage was to last.  In the build up to Harry and Meghan’s Wedding I posted both tea towels on Instagram; not slow in the uptake, Emma wrote “Is that my tea towel?”. And once again I invited her to be a Guest Tea Towel.  Here is her story,very timely indeed.

”I found these tea towels in a charity shop.  I collect various different bits of Charles and Diana memorabilia.  I collect for the kitsch value and the ‘how far will they go?’ with the portrait likeness.  I couldn’t leave them behind so I took them home and pinned them up on my wall.  They don’t seem to have been used, as they still have their original creases intact.  I like to think that were ‘for best’ and had their own special drawer and were only brought out for show.


I like the golden one the best with the elaborate aged paper banner giving the wedding announcement and the exciting flick of Diana’s hair.

 I left both tea towels out on the washing line, after I photographed them, for all to see and wonder over.  I know that everybody who saw them really wished they had two Charles and Diana tea towels hanging on their washing line as well!”


I know that feeling of not being able to leave a tea towel in a charity shop but I have never found any as good as these two, especially the golden one, so regal.  I love these two tea towels and the golden one will certainly join the blue one in the Virtual Tea Towel Museum.  Thank you, Emma, for the lovely story and two beautiful tea towels, although there is no getting away from the fact that the look on their faces certainly indicates that this marriage was doomed to failure.


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