Lyra’s Tea Towel Story: 2019

b5e4deac-8b04-4212-a6b6-c6791016e11bI have known Lyra since the day she was born, eight years ago.  I remember her as a tiny baby looking cute in her babygro; I remember her sitting in her high chair, covered in chocolate, having just eaten an enormous chocolate cake; I remember going on holiday with her to Italy and her joy at the outdoor swimming pool; I remember when she took all our DVDs off the shelves and piled them up around the lounge.  I remember taking her to the theatre to see “Awful Auntie’, the “Gangsta Grannie” and finally we went to see “Peter Pan” a couple of weeks ago.  Lyra loves the theatre, sits mesmerised as the story unfolds.  I know that she loves stationery but I never realised how talented she is as a writer; as someone who loves writing, it is a joy to read some of her work.

I was in one of our local shops a couple of days ago, and spotted a multi-pack of tea towels with a label ‘Huggable’; for me it was a bit of a bizarre name.  Huggable is not a word I would have associated with a tea towel.  I couldn’t resist buying them (they were a bargain).  Bizarrely, on the same day, when I got home, Jai had sent, by WhatsApp, a copy of one of Lyra’s pieces of prose about her Teddy Bear.  You can see my train of thought: how would you describe a Teddy Bear?  Huggable?  A piece of writing and a tea towel, what does that mean?  Guest Tea Towel!  So I asked Lyra if she would like to become a Guest Tea Towel, and therefore a published author, and she agreed.   Here is her piece:

”My Teddy Bear is my best friend.  His fat tummy is made for hugging when I am happy or sad.  His big ears listen to my secrets.  Soft paws, fluffy fur, bright eyes.  I think he knows everything about me!”

One of the very clever parts of this writing is that it is written inside the Teddy Bear’s tummy; writing and graphics.  What more could you want?


And, finally, where is the tea towel?  You can’t have a Tea Towel Story without a tea towel.  So here they are!  They are great.  Thank you Lyra for the fantastic story.  Keep writing and I’d be happy to publish other pieces of work if I can find a tea towel to match.


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