Hilary’s Tea Towel Story

“We grow flowers in our garden!  Our neighbours seem to be growing Tea Towels” said Lynn in a text message to me.  I love to see a tea towel on a washing line.  I sent an urgent message back to Lynn asking her to find out the story behind the tea towels (Obviously, not why they were on a washing line but where they came from) because that could be a great Guest Tea Towel!  Lynn has always been good at researching tea towels for me.

Lynn has been a friend of mine for many years, too long to remember.  She has lived next door to Hilary for more than 25 years; over the years they have shared ‘cat-sitting’, plant-sharing and soup-making.  When I was involved in researching tea for a magazine, Lynn, Helen and Hilary used to be part of a ‘Tea Tasting Group’, gathering at my house for a proper Afternoon Tea and tasting maybe four or five different Darjeelings or Earl Greys….. and many more.  That finished five years ago, so I was delighted to hear from Lynn about Hilary’s tea towels.

”I was in the Girl Guides when I was a girl.  We were encouraged to get a penfriend from a Commonwealth country, as part of the Commonwealth Badge.  My pen friend, Val, was in the Girls Brigade in New Zealand and was doing something similar.  I have no idea how we got paired up.  I have been writing to her since I was 11 years old.  At the turn of the Century, while England was still in 1999, I phoned Val to wish her a Happy New Year and to ask if the ‘Millenium Bug’ had hit them!   All was well and Val had just watched an amazing sunset.   I have met up with her twice and shared a pot of tea.  The last time we met up was in a Tea Shop in Strathaven and we both bought the same tea towel.”

”My daughter lives in Australia.  I can’t help singing Waltzing Matilda when I am drying up with this tea towel.  It always reminds me of her”

”This last tea towel came from a stall that you were running at Belgrave Hall.  It was  linked with our tea tasting sessions.  Those were good times”


Thank you, Hilary, for sharing those memories and, I have to say, you do seem to have a fine collection of tea towels!!

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