Rob’s Tea Towel Story


I have talked a lot about how much I like Twitter; I try and avoid politics, and the controversial stuff, and find I ‘meet’ people with quirky interests.  Rob is one of those.  A couple of days ago I was looking through my ‘DM’ folder and found a few messages with Rob, who said he was going to write a Guest Tea Towel.  This was over two years ago.  I decided that I would try once more and remind him of his promise.  Less than 24 hours later this arrived and I love it.  This is what tea towels are all about!

“My tea towel journey started in earnest in 2016, on a birthday trip to Eastbourne, upon buying one as a practical souvenir.  Since then I’ve always kept an eye out for ones of the same style, featuring blotchy renditions of the local attractions in suspiciously fair weather.

I found ‘Great Little Trains of Wales’ on a trip to Ceredigion, in Wales, as it stoked my eternal love of steam engines.  The tea towel features fourteen special railways that are each, undoubtedly, worth a visit, along with a map of Wales.  At the time, I thought I’d been on, or at least seen, half of them but on closer inspection that isn’t the case and I’ll have to get packing to ride them all.”

Thank you Rob for the story of this tea towel.  I have to say, I bet this is one of the most popular tea towels around, and that it has definitely been around a long time.  I own one (no surprise there), I have seen three in various charity shops on sale, two owned by fellow caravanners on sites I have stayed on and two owned by friends.  This never happens to me.  But when you travel ‘The Great Little Trains of Wales’, look carefully, Rob.  At each station there will be a different tea towel for you to buy.

PS: Love the fingers at the top of the picture!

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