Jo’s Tea Towel Story


The world is in a bit of a weird place today.  Many of us confined to home, wondering what to do with ourselves.  At this point, Twitter is a great place to be: people posting cute pictures of animals or amazing photographs of flowers and/or sunsets.  It doesn’t get better than the ‘video’ posted by @thelizcarr and @thevjoiners; somehow you thought they might have had a better idea about which way to point the camera to get a video.  Maybe they were just showing the first signs of ‘lockdownitis’.  I can’t describe it, you just have to look it up, but by the end I had tears running down my face.  Then I thought: if they’re bored, maybe they like to do a Guest Tea Towel 2020 and within minutes         @thelizcarr said “oh oh oh this sounds like a lot of fun”.  Interesting to see that it was Jo’s Tea Towel Story that came first.  Thank you.

“This ones right up there #GoldenGirls” was Jo’s first comment, and I certainly agree with her there.  When I asked her the story behind it her reply was “Welp.  (Took me a while to work out what that meant).  My 40th birthday had quite a Golden Girls theme to it.  @thelizcarr got a load of our friends and family to make me a surprise video, singing along to the theme tune.  It was incredible.  We still get Golden Girls inspired presents.  This lil beauty is from our good friend @hubbellg”.

Great story, great tea towel and I remember the great shows (probably be repeated on TV now that a lot a filming has stopped).  Does Jo use this as a tea towel?  I am awaiting the answer.

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