Catherine’s Diary (5): 1 April 2020


This is the continuation of Catherine’s Diary about ‘Life Under Lockdown’.  I think reading the ongoing diaries of several people, from around the world, of different ages gives a fascinating insight into this terrible time.  During the Second World War, Anne Franck wrote a diary and the world has learnt from that epic piece of work of a 13 year old.  I hope we will learn from the Diaries of this time.  Catherine’s story is poignant because she lives alone and it is only a few months since her husband, Bruce, died very suddenly.

In deference to her sense of withdrawal symptoms from having no cake, today’s tea towel is ”Great British Tea Time Treats’.  Her diary continues:

“Great excitement this morning.  Barbara (me) texted me to say that I had ‘gone viral’ again!  I told Tilly and Tinker (the cats); they just gave me a blank look.

The oven packed up; I can still use the hob and grill.  I could get it repaired but I don’t want anyone in the house yet.  I love cake; I am getting withdrawal symptoms for not being able to bake a cake.  I texted Barbara to find out if Liz had a recipe for a cake that could be made in a microwave.  But then, as luck would have it, Lindy left a bag on my doorstep.  Inside was Mr Kipling Angel Slices  and Co-op Lemon Bakewell Tarts.  Lindy was at the end of the footpath so it was nice to see someone ‘live’.  What a lifesaver she is!

I’ve started phoning friends more often, even if it’s only for a 10 minute chat; it helps break up the day.  I’ve rang Wendy, Sue (Club) and Vivienne; they have all been extremely supportive since Bruce passed away.  But, of course, Christine is top of the list.  We phone every day.  I didn’t realise how much I would miss my daughter Amanda; we talk several times a day.  Last night, she spoke ‘live’ from her car, as I got another food parcel.  Trouble is I can’t talk much, as I’m crying at see her.  She shouts “Stop crying, Catherine!” (Probably because she too is crying).  In my food parcel was more chicken, sausages.  I will be clucking and squealing soon!  Butter, cheese, broccoli, mushrooms, bottle of wine and three beers.  

Last night I had a gin and tonic and one of the bottles of beer.  I wanted a good sleep, which I had!  But before that I had to feed Blackie and do his hot water bottle for his bed.  I don’t know how I got to the greenhouse: grit and determination.  That beer was really strong.  I can’t drink that too often!

I put notes on my food bin and wheelie bin thanking the men for picking up the stuff.  They deserve a ‘clap’ on Thursday.  What would happen if they stopped?  We would be alive with vermin.

A clap for Post People, getting my letters to Barbara.  And I’m clapping again for Amanda!”

Today, there is this growing sense of isolation, of having to structure your day, of getting excited by seeing people at a distance, just to say a passing hello to.

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