Catherine’s Diary (9): 20 to 21 April 2020


For any article in “We’re all in this together” I said I would find an appropriate tea towel from my collection.  The pressure is on: crosswords? Staying in bed? Clocks? Inspector Frost? What about Pasta Sauce? Or Afternoon Tea?  Afternoon Tea it will be!!

“Good weekend.  Amanda arrived at 8am on Saturday and we walked in ‘tandem formation’ to get a newspaper.  I stood in a corner, Amanda queued.  She got me a paper, fruit juice, wine, eggs and two lots of washing up.  Crossword difficult this week; Barbara is good at words that require 9 letters or more.  Amanda walked with me to post my letters so I had more time with her, makes a difference.

Sunday, I had a visit from Jennie.  Stood for an hour outside, talked about everything.  We wanted to give each other a hug but, of course, we can’t.  Then Lindy came with the Sunday Mail and M&S Victoria Sponge Cakes (miniature ones I should point out); I only had two left.

General Knowledge Crossword took three hours, with some breaks.  Barbara in top form.  I wish I had her expertise.  The Prize Money is still going for Afternoon Tea and a ‘posh phone’ for me.  A phone that does automatic punctuation, spaces words, texts as fast as I can talk and tells me if I am going to press the ‘Off’ button by mistake and erase what I have written.  Another feature would be a ‘Zoom’ button.  I started a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle last Wednesday, done the outside but only put in 8 pieces, so the ‘Zoom’ button would tell Amanda what piece I need from the box, and then where to put it.

Talking about punctuation, I used to read Amanda’s school essays to see if they made sense.  One day she asks why I was reading it so fast.  I said ‘No fullstop or commas and I’m getting out of breath’!!

It’s a sunny day here.  This morning I sheared the front lawn, just needs a rake over it now.  I apologised to the daisies when I lopped their heads off.  They are so pretty, not so bothered about the dandelions though they are colourful next to the Bluebells.  So this morning, I got my vitamins C and D but with all that fresh air I fell asleep through Inspector Frost.

Just made a batch of meat sauce for pasta; not sure how I am going to get it in the freezer.  The frozen veg isn’t going down very fast; I have to eat the fresh veg first!  Is there such a thing as a Brussel Sprout Club?  I want to join!!

21 April 2020

Feeling a lot better today.  Yesterday I had bad indigestion, put down to cauliflower, broccoli, onion and cheese.  I took four glasses of tonic water (minus the gin, ice and lemon) to no avail.  Then about 8pm I had the shivers, muscle ache and felt sick.  I was in bed by 9.30, unheard of so having a slow day today.

Amanda mentioned she has got me a ‘Face mask’.  This afternoon I was lying on the bed thinking about the ‘Face Mask’.  Suddenly, I had a fit of the giggles, trying to imagine us at Claridges for Afternoon Tea, sitting two metres apart in our best bib and tucker, with a face mask on.  I laughed so much I ended up crying, realising I had no one to share this with.

Talking about clocks, which I wasn’t, they are the bane of my life.  Bruce had four clocks, all key winders.  The one in front of me is a pendulum.  When its going, its the only one that dongs the right time.  I think I have overwound the one in the bedroom.  The one on the stairs has stopped completely, the mantelpiece one is doing ok.  Where are you Bruce when I need you?  I need you for my duvet cover to get rid of the lumps and make my cover smooth!”

Thank you Catherine for another great diary!


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