Catherine’s Diary (10): 3 May 2020


Readers will note that my aunt Catherine has been posting a series on ‘Diary Entries’ in this personal record of Life Under Lockdown.  This is her 10th episode.  The tea towel recognises some of the things that she looks forward to eating: Pork Pies!

“Two weeks ago, Amanda (daughter) came round (at a distance) with 6 boxes of Felix, or 240 sachets (to keep the three cats fed).  Now down to 4 boxes plus what is in the cupboard.  Blackie, the cat that lives in the greenhouse, averages 5 sachets a day.  A boy with a healthy appetite.

On Friday, Wade (son-in-law) came round with my new lawn mower.  I disappear while he puts it together (it came in bits).  Up and running in no time, tested it on the grass, perfect.  Got emotional, what’s new?  I wanted to jump for joy but because I am obese I couldn’t get my feet off the ground!  I mowed the back lawn, four bags of grass cuttings, rested then I did the front, two bags.  The mower is so light; I kept going out and admiring the lawn.  It looked fantastic.  Thank you, Amanda and Wade.  No more shearing, thank goodness.

It’s the little things that you run out of: white bin bags, foil, freezer bags (for the sprouts), food caddy bags; all now replaced but suddenly I ran out of shampoo.  Amanda bought me some Herbal Essences, really nice smell (I normally use Simple) but what a job I had to open it!  Amanda would say ‘it’s not rocket science’ but it was to me.  I pressed one side and luckily the other side opened up.  I was so happy I achieved it.

Fruit and vegetables still coming but not so much.  Plenty of normal groceries still coming: bread, butter, pork pies, sausage rolls, eggs, Chicken Kiev.  Getting self-sufficient now, will I leave the house again?  Saturday, I had asparagus, love it, could eat it every day, with lots of butter on it.  Amanda brought round some salted caramel chocolate brownies, absolutely delicious, so chocolatey.  I will have them as my ‘Last Meal’.  Amanda said when I’m on ‘Death Row’ in America she will pop over for some for me!  So, asparagus for a starter, Brownies for dessert, not sure about the main course yet.  Barbara, will your last meal be halloumi with pomegranate seeds? (And my answer is absolutely, definitely no).

After posting my electric bill last week, on the way home, I noticed one of the ‘turnings’ off the main road had bunting going across each house, a joy to see; it’s giving hope, isn’t it?

My clocks are still going well even if they all show different times: 11.55pm, 11.35pm, 8.10pm and 1.50pm.

No more ‘Inspector Frost’ or ‘DCI Banks’; can’t cope with two lots of ‘Poirot’ each day or ‘Inspector Morse’ or ‘Father Brown’.  Freeview, give me a break!  This Saturday, I watched ‘Agatha Raisen’, quite good, kept me awake, a quirky detective series”

Bye for Now, Catherine 

And for most of us, in Lockdown, food takes on a whole new meaning.  Meals are the ‘clock’ that reminds us where we are, food is something to look forward to, fear of running out of something takes on ridiculous proportions but many of us have learned to appreciate the smaller things in life like an easy-to-use lawn mower!


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