Lockdown and Home Schooling: Lyra (aged 9)

While I know that Home Schooling has been a challenge for both parents and children, I am very privileged to have been asked to devise the occasional ‘project’ for a few children, Lyra being one of them.  Any ‘project’ that I might think up will always have something to do with geography, history, travel and, maybe, even a tea towel.

Lyra’s ‘project’ had two parts to it.  The first part was to come up with 15 facts about the Canary Islands.  Why the Canary Islands?  Firstly, I’ve never been there but I know Lyra has; secondly, I know nothing about the Canary Islands but I know Lyra does because she went there last summer; and thirdly, because I have a lot of tea towels of the Canary Islands, and probably Lyra doesn’t.

Lyra came up with a number of interesting facts about the Canary Islands like they are owned by Spain.  The second part of her ‘project’ was to use at least three of her facts and write the story of her holiday, what she remembered.   In the final sentence she should say whether she would like to go back.  An illustration could be included and the word count would be around 150 words.  As with any article included in ‘We’re all in this together’, I will provide the tea towels (and I do have a lot, for a place I have never been).

Here is Lyra’s story:

My Holiday in the Canary Islands

“Last year me and my family went to Lanzarote and it was fun and I enjoyed it a lot.  Lanzarote is in the Canary Islands.  When we got there all the buildings and houses were white.  It was my 2nd favourite holiday.  You also have to take a 4 hour plane to get there.  It was very hot when we got there so we went to the place we were staying in to get some supplies.  The money was Euros and we got about 8 pounds each to spend but me (being me) spent it all at the airport.  When we actually got there we stayed in a little cabin next to the pool.  There was a boy there and a………. LIZARD.  I kinda…… nearly stepped on it.  I was quite scared and the boy there didn’t make it any better by asking me if I wanted to……. dissect it.  Instantly, I got out of the pool because that’s just disgusting.  We went to the beach and a fair….. which woke literally everyone up by going “Bing Bong! Ride the Roller Coaster” in the middle of the night and blasting really loud music!  I think I would like to go back again because there is a nicer cabin that we looked at last time with a hammock”

I was fascinated to know what her favourite holiday was, if the Canary Islands were her second favourite.  “My favourite was Austin in Texas last year and my third favourite was Italy in 2014″


Thank you Lyra for the story of your holiday and for the great picture of the Yurt you stayed in, by the pool, where you obviously sunbathed.

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