Mimi’s Tea Towel Story


I love Instagram.  It’s not stressful (at least not with the people I follow), not political with lots of great photos.  There are the professional photographers or those that try to make a living from using photographs; then there are those people who record aspects of their daily lives.  In the time of ‘Lockdown’, those ‘ordinary lives’ are not necessarily what people were expecting.

One morning, strolling through the latest on Instagram, I came across Mimi.  She had posted the above photograph; I looked at it and exclaimed “I’ve got that tea towel”.  Followed by “I wonder if Mimi would like to be a Guest Tea Towel?”.  I love reading the ‘bio’ for people’s Instagram account; you soon know if you want to follow someone.  Mimi describes herself as “Nature explorer.  Flower enthusiast.  Scoliosis warrior.  Guinea Pig mumma”  You should go and look at her photos of Guinea Pigs; they are so cute.  And here we are with Mimi’s Tea Towel Story:

“Thank you for wanting to feature me in your Tea Towel Museum .  I absolutely love tea towels too. (I didn’t know that when I invited Mimi to be a Guest Tea Towel!)

We went for a 6 mile walk all along Salisbury Plain, then we decided we needed a good picnic with a beautiful view!  I actually used the tea towel to wrap the mugs up for the coffee!  I didn’t buy it too long ago, though; I know it’s quite new out but I absolutely love it”  (I didn’t buy mine too long ago.  I got it from the Emma Bridgewater factory and the ‘full frontal’ is below).

Thank you mvmking for a lovely story, and I love the flask!


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