Catherine’s Diary (16): 2 to 5 June 2020


My Aunt Catherine lives alone.  We had a long text exchange about ‘Support Bubbles’ in the time of COVID-19.  You really do have to make careful decisions about where you get that support from; you only have one go at it.  Is it better for it to be your daughter, who works full time, but to be able to have that closeness once again or maybe a friend who lives alone that you could see every day, twice a day?  I don’t know what Catherine has decided; that decision maybe revealed in Diary 17.  But today is Diary 16.

The choice of tea towel is Hedgehogs, since they have made an appearance in Catherine’s Diary!

2 June 2020

“I enjoyed my Afternoon Tea with Vivienne and Michael; Sue came as well.  We were well spaced out and I had my very first custard tart, very nice.  I only ever bought them for Bruce, so I might treat myself in the future.  Sounds daft but I was happy to return home and took it upon myself to wash my clothes.  Amanda said this was good.

Traumatic experience this morning: a Blue Tit and three babies are in my garden and one flew through a broken window in my greenhouse.  I started to panic for it.  Although Blackie was in there, he is OK with birds, normally he doesn’t touch them.  After what seemed like a lifetime the bird flew out; what a relief came over me.  Tonight, going out to feed Blackie, I was confronted by two hedgehogs.  What route do I take to the greenhouse?  I scooted past quickly.  When I got back to the house one had disappeared, they move very fast, I threw some meally worms to the other.  I couldn’t wait to get back indoors.  Two experiences in one day, you don’t expect that!

3 June 2020

Up very early this morning to get the bins out.  It’s a full recycling bin today.  Where does it all come from for just one person?

This morning, having got up early, I cleaned the bathroom, did the shower plug hole duty and mowed the front lawn, all before 9.30 am.  Madness!!  I have already replenished the front lawn with chopped onions; this seems to be working (unless someone has a better idea).  After all this, I am resting on the settee with a hot water bottle, tea, second breakfast and Jeremy Vine.

11.50 am:  Just had a text from the Thursday Club.  We were going on a trip to Felixstowe next week but, of course, it has had to be cancelled.  They are trying to go in September but it depends on how long we are ‘Social Distancing’.  Anyway, I have decided I don’t want to go.

4 June 2020

I have succumbed to putting the heating on today; can’t bear being cold.  No hedgehogs for two evenings.  Where are they?

I had a lovely dinner today.  Last weekend, Amanda bought me some steak so I had it with chips and mixed veg.  Two hours later I had my favourite ice cream, Haagen Daz salted caramel.  Delicious.  Two new programmes I have discovered, the Golden Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (though they are old now).

5 June 2020

Good news: I’ve had an abundance of Blue Tits this morning, eight today.  Chilly day, heating on again.

Just had a text from the Eye Unit at the local hospital, telling me I have an appointment on 12 June; this was previously cancelled a few weeks ago because of The Virus.  It will be by phone.  My appointment was for laser treatment, so I’m wondering how this works by phone!

It’s been a long day.  I was going to do washing and hoovering but it fell by the wayside.  Another day, tomorrow or Sunday.  Tomorrow I am going out to Amanda’s so looking forward to it.

I’ve been lucky today.  I’ve had Tinker next to me on the settee on and off.  I guess it’s the nearest thing to her sitting on my lap.  Can’t wait for that to happen!!

No hedgehogs again tonight.  Still, I put some measly worms out for them.” 

I now FaceTime some friends during ‘Lockdown’.  I am always surprised at how important food becomes these days, I talk to friends about what I am eating, sending photos.  Catherine uses her diary.  Will it still be like this when life returns to normal?

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