Catherine’s Diary (17): 6 to 14 June 2020

I’ve had a lot of problems with the Blog.  I finished typing it and the laptop couldn’t, or maybe wouldn’t, save it.  As I searched for a photograph of a tea towel, it wouldn’t print it, kept telling me that it had failed and then wiped the lot.  I am sure if you’re one of those techie people you might be able to recover it; instead, I am retyping it!  It is also autocorrecting it, big time!!  Somewhat frustrating.

Had a bit of a problem about find a tea towel that is appropriate.  So now I have found two: one about cakes since Afternoon Tea is discussed and the second is of Amanda with a tea towel, since she plays a big part in this diary (she will hate me for this).

6 June 2020

I had Afternoon Tea with Amanda; she collected me at 11am, face masks on, my first time with one.  It felt OK but could have covered my eyes as well!!  It was great going for a car ride, looking at all them green fields.  When we got to Amanda’s house I went through the back gate into the back garden, straight to the bottom.  The view is amazing, they back onto a huge farm, all that greenery and you can see the M11 as well.  The next door neighbour had all his roses flowering, a lovely sight.  Had plenty of clothing on, a bit of a chill in the air.  Tea was a ‘takeaway’ : three finger sandwiches.  I had ham and tomato and an egg one, scones with jam and cream pots, sausage roll, three types of cake and a Gingerbread Man and a cup of tea.  It was a lovely thought from Amanda; it brought the emotions out as I normally only see Amanda for 20 minutes on a Saturday and today it was two hours.  Home just after 2 pm which was just as well as at 3.20 pm the rain and thunderstorms came.  I’m petrified of storms so I laid on the bed, next to Bruce, then along came Tilly and Tinker to keep me company.  Bruce was always there, to reassure me about problems, now Amanda is there for me.  We go through things step by step and I feel better, calmer.  She is like her Dad, sees things before they happen.  There is always an answer to everything.  I do miss him holding my hand, which was calming.  Amanda and I can’t touch hands yet, or hug.

14 June 2020

Back to the theme of honey and bananas.  I found the perfect solution: either toast or a sandwich, butter first, squish the banana on the bread then put honey on top of the banana.  It’s a wobbly job but don’t half taste delicious.

I don’t know if you know it but my daughter is frightened of SPIDERS (I am assuming this question is addressed to me because Catherine hasn’t mentioned spiders in any previous diary entries.  I am glad to know that Arachnophobia has passed down the family line through the cousins.  I absolutely hate spiders).  In a bag, by my front door, was a fruit box ready for Amanda to collect and take home.  Unbeknown to me, a SPIDER had crept into the box.  When Amanda took it out to wash, a scream resounded round the house, her cats took refuge (who can blame them?).  According to my daughter it was huge with a big body.  Wade had to let it go in the garden.  Of course, I got a phone call, as if I would put one in there!  It kept me laughing about it all day.

It reminded me, when Amanda was about 13 or 14, she said there  was a spider in her bedroom.  I hunted high and low for it, couldn’t find it, so I cupped my hands together and said I had it.  “Open the bathroom window” I said and out went the imaginary spider and that calmed her down.

Pancakes are going well.  The frying pan should last me until I’m 97 years old, so the warranty says (25 years).  My new Wok, for the stir frys, arrives tomorrow.  It’s amazing what you can buy online (an interesting comment since Catherine has no access to the internet but I imagine she might change her mind once Lockdown is over).  I’ve been trying out different frozen fruits for the ‘Bullet’.  I ran out of broccoli this week and had to resort to the dreaded Brussel sprouts.  I managed to find seven very small ones.  Amanda mentioned about needing another bag.  I asked her if she knew the word ‘NO’ and perhaps you could print a large ‘NO’, Barbara, just for her!.  Another item I’ve got coming is a wheelie bin for my garden waste, really excited about that, it gives me initiative to get the garden straightened out.

It’s amazing what you find out about your family when they write a diary!  Thank you Catherine!

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