Barbara’s Tea Towel Story


Any Reader to Barbara’s Tea Towel Story should not be fooled and think this is Barbara (@myteatowels)’s choice.  That would break all my ‘rules’ and show favouritism to one tea towel over my 1270 others.  This is Barbara (stranger_up_north on Instagram)’s story.  I have only ever actually met one other Barbara, as she said “we’ve got to stick together, not many of us left!”

I ‘met’ Barbara on Instagram.  I causally mentioned, when I posted a picture of a tea towel of Sydney Opera House, that I had never been there and that Charity Shops were a good source of tea towels.

Quick response from Barbara “So many of us buy souvenir tea towels and then don’t want to spoil them by actually using them”

My response was “No, no, no.  The joy of a souvenir tea towel, when you have actually been there, is to use it and recreate those memories”

Barbara came back immediately “But it’s always my special ones that get stained/burnt.  However, life is for living (not dying) and tea towels for giving (and drying).”  But she added that she wasn’t sure she could ever use her favourite, Brief Encounter, tea towel.  This sounded intriguing to me so I asked for a full frontal photo and the story behind the tea towel.  I wasn’t sure if she would take up the challenge.

“30 May 2018.  We were camping at Morecambe Bay which is only a few miles from Carnforth and it’s famous station, used in the David Lean film (1945) ‘Brief Encounter’.  The station is still working but has a Museum devoted to the film and it’s Director.  We had a cup of tea in the vintage-style Waiting Room Cafe and bought the tea towel as a special treat.  I do hope the Museum can survive ‘Lockdown'”

It must be memorable if Barbara can remember the actual date she bought the tea towel.  This is a truly great tea towel which could revive old memories.  Now this is a place I would like to go to.  Thank you Barbara for the story and the picture of the tea towel.

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