Catherine’s Diary (27): 15 to 22 September 2020


Oh no, Catherine has reverted to writing paper that is lined on one side and unlined on the back. I hate that, and it’s smaller than the double sided lined paper. I know it’s good not to waste things but I find it very annoying. I hope that is the last of it! But it is good to still get the diary, mustn’t put her off. Today’s message on the back of the envelope says “The usual suspects, crossings out, inserted words, not much to say on the envelope, unusual for me. Must be getting boring in my old age! Thank you Postal Workers and Wheelie Bin Men who always say ‘Good Morning’ to me and ask how I am”

15 September 2020

It’s really hot outside today. Took a walk around the block, passing the post box to post the Diary, then down to the shop and treated myself to a paper. I was sweltering by the time I got home. I did manage to do some cutting of the clematis. It’s a slow job, still lots to do. For lunch, I tried Linda McCartney sausage rolls, quite nice, though making your own tastes a lot nicer. I used to make them years ago, along with mince pies and lots of jars of pickled onions! (Must run in the family; pickling onions is one of the few things that I learnt to do in relation to food. Mum taught me).

16 September 2020

On a roll today. Made some Rock Cakes in my newly repaired oven and they came out looking like rocks instead of flat moulds. Quiet day though I did washing, hoovering and the usual conveyor belt of cat feeding. Mowed the lawn yesterday and now the leaves are falling and some are changing to a lovely dark red colour. Autumn is coming.

18 September 2020

Amanda was taking me to Felixstowe today but we hit a major traffic jam on A12, and even the diverted traffic was slow. The cause of the traffic standstill was, at 5am, an oil spillage and possibly an accident. I was looking forward to going knee-deep in the sea to revitalise the body and mind; sea water is good for the soul, perhaps it was not to be. We stopped off on the way home at Freeport, a Designer Clothes Village that happened to have a ‘Pets at Home’ shop. I bought liquid cat treats for Blackie, fat balls for the birds and for Tilly and Tinker, two luminescent catnip fish. So far they are enjoying playing with them, how long for, I don’t know. We went to Costa and had a coffee. While we were sitting there, Amanda mentioned that my favourite saying was “How lovely”. I didn’t realise I said it so much, I must be addicted to it. Ah well, it gives Amanda and Wade a laugh! I texted Barbara and checked that ‘lovely’ was an adjective and then asked for other adjectives that mean ‘lovely’, though it is hard to change to another word. Still it turned out to be a nice day, weather was good and I enjoyed the ride. (My over-used word in Blogging is ‘clearly’ and in speech is ‘absolutely’. We all have these quirks! I did wonder why you wanted to know other adjectives that meant ‘lovely’. Now I know.)

19 September 2020

Up early, had a lift to town. I was determined to buy some cards; three birthday cards and I also wanted to buy some Christmas cards. I have to make more of an effort this year. I bought one box and the Assistant said that you get the second half price. I thought “That’s a good bargain”. On the way home, I thought to myself ‘do I know 40 people‽’. Checked my address book and there isn’t 40 people in the book. Amanda said they will keep to next year.

20 September 2020

Sunday, lucky day, the cats let me lay in until 9am. Quiet day, no food delivery, freezer full up, stores of bleach, kitchen roll and cleaning stuff etc. I’m well in advance. This afternoon, I watched the film ‘Downton Abbey’. Though the series won’t be back, I’m already missing the repeats. I enjoyed the film and will watch it again. I also charged my torch which takes a good ten hours and also did Bruce’s phone. Though it’s not used, it seems to need charging fortnightly. I wonder if it is because it’s an old phone‽

Made a mistake today and cooked cod in milk for Blackie and Tinker too early. I told Tinker she’d had her lunch and wasn’t due for another meal until 5pm. She kept walking backwards and forwards into the kitchen with her nose in the air; it was unbearable to watch. Blackie turned up at 3.30pm. I gave in and fed them their cod. Didn’t see Tinker for the rest of the day; she must have been ‘fit to burst’.

21 September 2020

They are doing a ‘trial run’ of opening one of the clubs I go to, today. I took a taxi there, sanitiser on the wall inside, mask must be kept on till we sit down, well apart, of course. Mary came; she had befriended me when I first came to the club after Bruce passed away. It was great seeing her again. Also I gave her a Christmas card in case I didn’t see her again! 39 to go!! Only 12 people turned up; perhaps people are still scared to come out. I enjoyed the morning, and the coffeee and biscuits. I walked home via Poundland and bought four ‘Simple’ shampoos and Mr Kipling apple pies. Just found out from Amanda that the mileage I did was 3 to 4 miles.

22 September 2020

Last year, in October, I reported to the Council that the street lamp outside my house had so much foliage around it that it made my footpath very dark. Yesterday afternoon, the Council Men arrived to cut all the foliage away from the lamp. I was so excited, it made my day. I said to them afterwards “Alleluia, I see the light!”. Last night, my footpath was lit up. But I still will not be opening the front door at night!

I’ve no idea which tea towel to match with this Diary; basically, I can’t remember which ones I used already. I will have to go into the archives of cats: this is Amber the cat that lived at the Glenturret Distillery in Scotland. Catherine, do you think you could write about a Robin or the Underground because I’ve got some great new tea towels?

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