Rebecca’s Tea Towel Story


Rebecca (or @mmmmthinking) is someone I’ve ‘met’ on Twitter. Rebecca likes tea towels which is always a good start. In response to my request for pictures of tea towels, Rebecca said

“2019 well washed Christmas Day tea towel”. There was a lovely picture. I asked her if I could use it in the Museum. “Yes please and sorry for the delay. I had to get the iron out”. This was rapidly followed by “2020, in an effort to shop local I couldn’t get a Christmas one. I could have purchased online from Ulster Weavers but that defeated the purpose. Ah well, there’s (hopefully) always next year. Merry Christmas”, a picture of a different tea towel, but folded in half.

“Could you do a full frontal picture?” I asked

“In any other situation that would be rude” was her response but a ‘full frontal’ soon arrived, of a beautiful display of colourful cats. This woman was not only good at choosing tea towels but also at taking photos of them. “I keep getting my shadow in it, I thought. I LOVE tea towels!!”. This was going well so the obvious question was “With your skills, would you like to be a Guest Tea Towel? ……. Immortalised in a Museum!”

“I’m working on it as we speak”. That’s my sort of person and here is Rebecca’s Tea Towel Story…

“So after a rummage in the hot press, this is really my favourite Tea Towel. Created for the Primary School, that my sister-in-law taught at, in order to raise funds. It is made up of some very funny self-portraits. My niece, Alice, and nephew Andrew are in there. Alice got married in 2019 and still has the same curly hair. Every time I use it I think of all those children, grown up and, hopefully, happy. And the Tea Towel is going strong.”. Alice is second down on the right and that is great curly hair!


Rebecca ended with “Thank you so much for the opportunity.  I was surprised by my choice but it’s got such love behind it.”  And that is what makes Tea Towels so interesting, the love behind the.  Thank you Rebecca

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