Umaynah’s Tea Towel Story


First Guest Tea Towel of 2021. Exciting. I have only met Umaynah once, (and she is now 12) when she was about two months old, maybe younger. Her mother worked for me and she proudly brought her in to show the whole staff team. That was the end of work for that day. I have followed her progress during the years and seen photos. When Lockdown Number 1 came, I offered some children the chance to write a Diary for a week, about their experience of Lockdown. Umaynah took up the challenge and it was published in the Virtual Tea Towel Museum, under ‘We’re all in this together’. As part of those early days of Homeschooling, I also offered her a Fact Finding Challenge, ending with writing a Tea Towel Blog and she undertook those tasks. She wrote two Blogs, published on

At Christmas, I asked her if she would like to be the first Guest Tea Towel of 2021, choosing her own tea towel to write about, and she took up this challenge. So here is Umaynah’s Tea Towel Story:

“When I was asked to write about my favourite tea towel, I went through my Mum’s ‘Tea Towel Collection’. My Mum doesn’t have too many. She only has ‘Three in a Pack’ sets. This mint green one caught my eye and has to be my favourite from them all.

I like this tea towel because it is covered in writing of different styles and fonts and I really enjoy to write in different styles. I also like the positive messages written and the pictures are a fun addition to the writing”

Thank you Umaynah for that Tea Towel Story. Your Mum has always said that her tea towels were “boring” but I didn’t realise she bought ‘Three in a Pack’. You’ll have to teach her about more stylish tea towels!!

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