#TheGreatTeaTowelSharing Collection

On 5 January 2021, on the first day of Lockdown Number 3, I sent a Tweet asking for people to share pictures of their own tea towels “Alright, the news is miserable and scary. Let a tea towel help you out. Anyone want to send me a photo of a tea towel and let it be part of the Virtual Tea Towel Museum?” Pictures started coming in. The following day I wrote “I asked for pictures of your tea towels to put in the Virtual Tea Towel Museum, something to do if you are bored in Lockdown. The response has been amazing. Thank you so much, but keep them coming. I haven’t seen a duplicate yet. Send ’em in please”. Rather than include all those photographs in the various Collections of my own tea towels, because there are so many (more than 300 and still coming), I have decided to open a new Collection. Each photograph has the owners name (in Twitter Speak).


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