Jane’s Tea Towel


I have known Jane since 2001.  She was a member of one of the teams that I managed.  I retired two years ago; she is still there.  Jane is a regular reader of my Tea Towel Blog (myteatowels.wordpress.com).  We have kept in touch, by email, since I retired.  I enjoy hearing about her holidays, the achievements of her son, her love of Paul Young and much more.  I invited Jane to write about her favourite tea towel and this is what she said:

“Ewan is holding my favourite tea towel which has serviced the pots in our house for 21 years.  It is my favourite because it represents three things:

  • It was given, as a set of two, as a gift from my best friend Nicola, when Jim and I moved into our first house in Wigston Harcourt in 1996.  The giving of a house-warming gift is such a nice gesture and always reminds me of that time and my best friend every time I use it.
  • It also represents being part of everyday family life and it is always the tea towel that gets packed for holidays.
  • Finally, it represents my friendship with Nicola.  We first met at a Paul Young ‘Meet and Greet’, before his concert at Nottingham Royal Centre on Monday 16 December 1991.  I got chatting to Nicola whilst we queued to speak to Paul, for an autograph and photo.  We had an instant ease of chatting and whilst Nicola is two years younger than me, it is nice that we share the same birthday.  Nicola and I have been to many Paul Young concerts together.  Nicola and I have remained great friends and are still in contact today.  Amazing that a tea towel can hold so many happy memories”.

As I say, “Every tea towel tells a story”.  Jane went on to say:

“The two photos of Paul Young show the day we had a surprise meeting with him when we went to see him for his reunion with his former band, the Q Tips, at the Cambridge Corn Exchange”.

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