Sharon’s Tea Towel(s)


Sharon is someone that I have ‘known’ for about 20 years but have rarely met; she is a friend of my friend, Lynn.  I know that Sharon has tea towels, especially Emma Bridgewater tea towels, so she seems liked a good person for a Guest Tea Towel.  Sharon and her family go on holiday with Lynn and Helen nearly every year, camping.

“This is an Emma Bridgewater tea towel.  I bought it at the Emma Bridgewater Factory Shop in Stoke-on-Trent.  I bought it because I liked the script, the words and the colour.  I love Emma Bridgewater.  I have quite a few of her tea towels and pots.  My favourite Emma Bridgewater tea towel is the Black Dresser but I don’t even use it.  I hang it over the handle of the oven door and it matches my utensil jar”.

I know that Sharon is well organised and will take at least two tea towels on a camping holiday (Don’t we all?  Except when I forgot to take any tea towels on my last holiday and was ‘forced’ to buy another one!).  Never do that, Sharon, it can be expensive.  Sharon’s second holiday tea towel is “another Emma Bridgewater tea towel.  It was bought for me as a present.  I love it as it is covered all over in chickens and I keep chickens in my garden”.  Great choice, I have the same one, for the same reason!

I love these pictures of Sharon with her tea towels in the tent on holiday in Wales.  A couple of weeks after her holiday, Sharon sent me a picture of the Emma Bridgewater ‘Black Dresser’ tea towel, in situ on the oven door handle, together with the ‘Black Dresser’ utensil holder.  They are certainly very stylish!!  Thank you Sharon for sharing your tea towels with me.  I suspect Sharon might be a woman with a lot more tea towels!


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