Helen’s Tea Towel



I have known Helen for more than 20 years, through work and then as a friend.  Helen is a keen camper and keen cook so I knew she would be someone with a favourite tea towel.

“This is one of the tea towels that we take on our camping trips.  It is Egyptian cotton and has a lovely waffle-like finish.  It has been our camping tea towel for the past 8 years and has been used in many parts of England and Wales.  After our trips, it is washed, dried and put back in our camping box, ready for the next trip.  We have another that is exactly the same, in the kitchen drawer, and I am confident that if we ever accidentally left or lost our camping tea towel that it would be replaced with the one  out of the kitchen drawer”

Thanks Helen. I imagine that this one might be taking a trip abroad in the near future. Happy holidays.

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