Lyn’s Tea Towel


I have known Lyn for about 18 years; she is part of my extended ‘network’ who appear in my Blogs (and she knows most of them).  She is Liz’s sister, Jean’s niece, David’s daughter, Sarah’s mother, Rob’s wife; that makes it sound as though she has no role of her own.  Lyn worked for John Lewis for ages, then in the NHS until she retired.  She is a great Pilates fan, loves walking, going around gardens and enjoys cooking, is an avid holiday-goer and takes pride in the planning of a holiday (although her Croatia holiday plan didn’t include breaking her wrist).  Lyn has loads of tea towels which I am pleased to say she uses on a rotational basis.  She has also managed to persuade a number of her friends that I would love to house some of their tea towels; it’s so exciting.  I was wondering what her Guest Tea Towel would be, and I got it wrong!

“Here is my Guest Tea Towel picture.  I don’t really have a favourite tea towel; it depends on my mood etc etc (I know what she means) but I really do like this one.  If you remember, you and Liz bought it for us when you visited Jean, shortly after Dad had had his stroke.  So I associate it with Jean and her ‘Be Strong’ mantra!”  We had been to Aberdeen to tell Jean about her brother’s stroke and she kept saying that we all had to ‘Be Strong’ and ‘Do what you want to do, now, because you never know what will happen’.  It is certainly something to hold on to.

“Also it makes me think of Scotland which is always a good thing and the impetus to start planning our next Scottish trip.”  There speaks the woman who has just returned from a trip to Mull, Colonsay, Islay and Arran!

Thank you Lyn.  I know what you mean; the Saltire brings goose bumps to my arms and the desire to set off to Scotland now.


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