Linda’s Tea Towel


Linda lives in Canada, Alberta to be precise, the Wild Rose Country (see the International Collection!).  I ‘met’ Linda through a love a tea towels; these days, that’s how I meet most people; Linda is a collector and I need to find out more about that!  This is the story of Linda’s tea towel.

“This is my oldest tea towel, agewise.  I found it recently in a Thrift Store for $2.99.  It celebrates Canada’s centennial.  As you can see, it has never been used; just put away for 50 years.  It is proof that ‘pure linen lasts’.  The original tag is still attached  so that must be some strong adhesive!  My family arrived in Canada in 1966.  Money was tight and I don’t remember my Mother buying one.

This year Canada celebrated 150 years and I couldn’t find a tea towel anywhere so I was glad I found this one.  I like the tea towel because I live in Alberta, Wild Rose Country and wild roses still grow here; I was raised in British Columbia where Dogwoods bloom in the late Spring.

My collection really began in 1981 with six Australian linen tea towels as a wedding present from an aunt.  One is still in my collection but no onger used.  My sons buy me Scottish tea towels when they don’t know what to get me for Christmas or my birthday.  One from Iceland has been my latest addition – fun and colourful.

Sadly, a good tea towel along the lines of Canadian Centennial appear to have disappeared in North America.  The towelling types are preferred here.  There was a tea towel sold for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee but it was very unattractive and it is practically water repellent!  But, as a collector, I had to buy it as it was the only one available.  That is why I love this one so much”.

Thank you Linda for sharing your great ‘find’.  I love it.

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