Lesley’s Tea Towel


If you are a reader of http://www.myteatowels.wordpress.com, you will have seen a Blog called ‘Iconic Scottish Images (or Be Prepared)’, which tells the story of how I met Lesley Stone.  The last line suggests that Lesley will become a Guest Tea Towel in the Virtual Tea Towel Museum.  And here is her story……  But first, I should introduce Lesley, an actress and comedian who has recently presented ‘Be Prepared’ at the 70th Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  I saw her show which was hilarious, based on the idea of setting up a Girl Guides Reunited for those of us too old to be a Girl Guide and reinventing some of the badges to be worked towards, like the Hip Replacement Badge.  At the end of the show, following a lot of hard work with our Community Singing, all the audience was presented with a Community Singing Badge.  It’s a long story but a bit later that day I came across Lesley and friends in a cafe and she recognised the badge.  The truth is that any encounter like that cannot be without a lecture on the Virtual Tea Towel Museum and Lesley did agree to be a Guest Tea Towel.  Those are the sort of things that happen but when one returns to the cold reality of home everything goes out of one’s head.  However, in the interests of research, I contacted Lesley and she said “Of course I remember you and your friend.  It was lovely to chat in the cafe about your collection.  I have taken a photograph of my favourite tea  towel.  Unfortunately, it has been well used; it has the drawings that both our daughters did when they were at that school so it’s not in the best condition.  I enjoyed reading your report of Be Prepared”.  Lesley didn’t say which pictures were of her daughters!

That is a great tea towel and I bet there are many parents across the country whose favourite tea towel is one from the school their children went to, especially if it involved their children actually doing part of the drawing.  I like the small hole in the tea towel, the sign of it being well used.  Thank you Lesley for being a Guest Tea Towel.  If you are in the St Leonards area at the end of September, Lesley is performing Be Prepared once again; it is well worth seeing!! 

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