Simon’s Tea Towel


Let me introduce you to Simon Butler.  I ‘met’ Simon via Twitter, one of my followers.  What struck me about Simon was that his personal strap-line was “I like a nice of cup of tea…….”; there were some nice pictures of tins of Williamson teas but lurking there was a picture of a pack of tea bags.  I couldn’t let that pass; I needed to comment on the importance of loose leaf tea.  Inevitably, that led to a ‘conversation’ about tea towels and an invitation to be a Guest Tea Towel.  “A tremendous honour”.  Here is Simon’s tale.

“This is the last thing that I bought in Edinburgh Waverley Station before leaving Scotland for a job in London.  Whilst it is a bit tourist-tat, it brings back a wait on the platform and tears as I watched the castle slide away.  It is three years old in November”.

That is the epitome of ‘every tea towel tells a story’; if you want to remember Scotland, that is a great tea towel to do it with, it has everything (although I am not sure about that picture of a haggis!).  Thank you Simon for that.  I will just add that one of the latest tweets from Simon said “I don’t know why, but was just overcome with urgent need for a cucumber sandwich.  This has never happened to me before.  It was tasty”.  A man with good taste!!

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