Con’s Guest Tea Towel


I have known of, and about, Con for nearly 40 years.  She is my friend Gwyn’s mother-in-law.  I meet up with her at big events in Gwyn’s life – her 40th Wedding Anniversary, her 50th Birthday and at many Christmas’s where Con has come to stay with Gwyn and Pete.  Con is a serious Scrabble player, she has strong political views and finds it difficult to understand that anyone she knows would not share those views.  Con loves writing, she loves cats, has had cats for as long as I’ve known her and is able to use colour, very stylishly, in her wardrobe that is unusual for someone of her generation.  I remember at Gwyn and Pete’s 40th Wedding Anniversary Party she wore the most beautiful emerald green, velour outfit with an amazing scarf that  looked so elegant.  No matter how many times I’ve met Con, she will always say that she cannot remember my name; and I really don’t think that matters.

Con is 95 and I thought she would make a great Guest Tea Towel because I felt she probably had some interesting tea towels.  She chose this one of cats, from the Feline Advisory Bureau:  “I don’t remember how old this tea towel is but it certainly isn’t new.  It has a few stains.  It was a present from someone who knew I loved cats.  I think it was from Gwyn and Pete. (They confirm that this was probably so and must be well over 20 years old).  I like it because it is not a series of cartoons of cats but quite good likenesses of the different breeds.  I am very fond of this tea towel”.

Thank you, Con, for being a Guest Tea Towel and for your memories.

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