The Two Sisters Tea Towel


Let me introduce you to Lyn and Liz.  They both have been Guest Tea Towels in their own right; they are sisters.  But this is one of those strange happenstances that needs to be recorded.  Liz and I were at Lyn’s house, one of our regular visits.  Liz shouts from the kitchen  “Come and see this, Barbara.  It’s a really unusual tea towel that would look good in the Virtual Tea Towel Museum. You’ll be really jealous”.   Both Liz and Lyn can spot a good tea towel (been trained well!!).  I went and had a look and the first thing that springs to mind is Jean’s ‘Test It’ tea towel ( dated 1 April 2016), one of those tea towels with public service information.  “Where did you get it?” I ask.  “I’ve had it in the drawer for sometime.  I got it from work a long time ago.  I can’t remember why but I’ll ask Michelle the next time I see her”.

Lyn is one of those people who, if she promises to do something  she carries it through.  A week later, a text from Michelle comes through “From what I can remember I used to attend Age UK meetings at the Stevenage Borough Council every month.  They used to have Guest Speakers and I believe that they had someone talking about Consumer Rights.  I then invited them to talk at one of my Retired Partners Afternoon Teas.  The speaker brought some of the tea towels for me to distribute to the Retired Partners and said any left over could be distributed amongst staff”.  (To explain, Lyn and Michelle worked for John Lewis and ‘Retired Partners’ are former employees who have retired and meet up on a regular basis for a social).  “I must have been given one by Michelle when the talk was over.  I had completely forgotten about it”.

I said that I thought that this needed to be included in the Virtual Tea Towel Museum because it is a great story; it must be a genetic habit to collect tea towels with Public Service messages, since Jean is Lyn and Liz’s aunt.

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