Simon’s T-Shirt


I can almost hear Readers shouting “What do you mean, Simon’s T-Shirt?”.  This is the Virtual Tea Towel Museum.  “Has she gone mad?”.  I think this is an interesting story: I met Simon’s Dad at the Creative Writing Course that I am attending.  We were talking about the Virtual Tea Towel Museum and he briefly mentioned that his son had an online company called Too Many T-Shirts where he recycles/upcycles T-Shirts.  That sounds interesting, I thought.  This ‘journey’ with the Virtual Tea Towel Museum has taken me to places that I didn’t expect to visit; do you remember Marilyn’s collection of handkerchieves?  Now it is the turn of T-Shirts; I am not the only person in the world with weird obsessions!

Simon is a young man who has an abiding love of sport of all sorts, especially skiing.  After six years at university, and some travelling, he returned home to set up his own business.  If you are involved in sport, either as a spectator or participant, you will inevitably collect T-Shirts.  At some point you gather too many but they probably all have a story to tell; Simon recognised this, from his own collection, and decided to do something about it, to create a Memory Blanket from T-Shirts.

I was absolutely fascinated by this and asked Simon to send me a picture of his favourite T-Shirt.  When it arrived, I wasn’t sure what it was a picture of; my guess was that it was about a Japanese Baseball Team.  Simon soon put me right:  “This is a T-Shirt I bought in Japan.  I spent five months living there and this T-Shirt shows all my favourite aspects of Japanese life, the food (sushi), the mountains and the people.”

If you have too many T-Shirts and want to do something with them, I suggest you look at Simon’s website

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