Paul’s Tea Towel Story


If you are following Guest Tea Towels 2020, the last story you will have read was that from Shirley.  Paul is Shirley’s husband; they chose to ‘do’ a tea towel each.  This is Paul’s story:

“Representation of the Chapel at Kings College Cambridge.  This is a souvenir of a road trip from Bristol to Cambridge on a baking hot summer’s day in 1975, in a 1959 VW Beatle with a heater that was stuck on full heat for the whole journey”

That’s the sort of story you can really imagine.  I remember the Summer of ’75 because I had a bad episode of hay fever which led to bronchitis and hospitalisation.  Thank you Paul for reminding me of it.  The ironing of the one Paul is holding is interesting and has certainly improved with the ‘full frontal’ picture!


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