Heather’s Tea Towel Story

Over the last few months, I have invited various people to take up the offer of being a Guest Tea Towel 2020.  A lot of people think they haven’t got interesting enough tea towels; some obviously don’t have enough time to sort through their tea towels.  Maybe Coronavirus Lockdown has given people the time to rummage through their drawers.

Heather contacted me by Twitter: “Good morning, Barbara.  Finally, have gone through these tea towels and found a few”


“This tea towel was brought back from Norfolk by my late Auntie and Uncle.  I have only been to the coast in and around Blakeney.  It was lovely but a long drive from here” 

Abigail responded to the tea towel by saying: “Lovely to see Horning Mill on your tea towel, Heather, absolutely love Norfolk and the Broads.  Hired a boat last year on the Broads.  Scenery was amazing”.


Heather has an amazing ‘wedding’ tea towel; I am very envious. “This was from a wedding in Orkney.  It was a lovely ‘favour’ gift and made a change from sugared almonds!”

“My third tea towel was part of a wedding gift from a neighbour”


Thank you, Heather, for sharing your three tea towels with me, and the Museum’s visitors.  They don’t have to be fancy, extraordinary, expensive.  All our tea towels will have a story to them: ‘Every tea towel tells a story’

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