Lockdown in Harlow: 23 March 2020


The increasing level of ‘Lockdown’ in UK has been dramatic, has made us all think about the way we do things, what is important to us, how some people selfishly act when we all should be pulling together.  I am fascinated by how so many of us have been able to adapt, and adapt quickly, to the ever changing circumstances.

I have been asking people, like Milly, if she would like to be a Guest Tea Towel, and she has pooh-poohed the idea; she says she doesn’t have any interesting tea towels, the same old story.  Although I would add that she has probably sourced more tea towels for the Virtual Tea Towel Museum than anyone I know.  I don’t know what tactics she uses to extract them from her friends and family.  I am not complaining; I am very lucky.  It was Milly’s friend that donated 96 tea towels recently, which has given me a lot to play with.  BUT, yesterday, I received a WhatsApp message from her:

“I finally can add to your Blog so here goes.  I am not a collector of tea towels, nor do I think about them much – and I never thought I had enough to write anything about one (and you call yourself family!!).  

On Friday night the Government, rightly, closed all gyms which meant I no longer taught the 12 classes I usually do every week.  So, within 24 hours, I decided to do online classes using Facebook, so all my clients could still exercise safely.  Tonight, because I could not use a ‘band’, as most of those watching would not have one, I got them to ‘make do’ with a tea towel – to help them stretch and strengthen.  Who knew that the lowly tea towel could help so much for an exercise class?” (I would add that there is nothing lowly about a tea towel!)

Thank you, Milly, for the helpful suggestion, in fact, I tried it this morning, and it works.  There are ways to get round any obstacle, to keep fit and be happy.  If any of your class want to share a picture of their tea towels (especially if they were holding it) I would post them in the Museum Section called ‘Enjoying Your Tea Towels’.

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