Lyn’s Tea Towel Story


Liz and I were FaceTiming her sister, Lyn, the other day, catching up on all the news.  I was telling her about my cousin, Amanda, saying she’d had to give up teaching her exercise classes at the gym.  And then telling her that she had sent me a picture of her using a tea towel, instead of a band, for those people she was going to teach on line.  I asked Lyn what she was doing about her Pilates; she is continuing at home.  The following morning she sent me the following story, complete with photographs:

Hi Barbara.  OK here is the Tea Towel Pilates analogy.  This exercise is called ‘Swimming Arms and Legs’.  Lying on your tummy, you raise head, neck, right arm and left leg; then repeat with left arm and right leg.  The analogy is to imagine a tea towel on your back, with the diagonal corners of the tea towel stretching to mimic your stretching Fascia (  Lyn gives a good demonstration on her lounge floor and I’m glad to see that she has all the right gear on!

You may be wondering why I chose this particular tea towel.  Well, two reasons.  Firstly, because it does have some stretch (the soft honeycombe cotton which has a lot of ‘give’) and secondly, this is where we were four years ago.  As you know, we usually have a holiday to somewhere warm at this time of the year: Madeira, Canary Isles, for example, but fortunately hadn’t booked anything this year due to our impending house move.  So glad we didn’t get stranded abroad and, as for the house move, well, it will happen when the time is right”

And now, everyone should be trying this.  Thank you, Lyn, for a demonstration of yet another use for a tea towel.  And that is why I have introduced the Collective Noun of A Usefulness of Tea Towels.

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