Catherine’s Diary (3): 30 March 2020

This is the letter from my Aunt Catherine, where she had written, on the back of the envelope “Thank you to the postmen and ladies for collecting, sorting and delivering my letter to my niece.  Be safe”.  One of the things I’ve noticed is that maybe we are all appreciating people around us, more.

“Thank goodness the weekend is over, very low I was, can’t go to the shops.  Sunday, no visiting Amanda; talking on the phone isn’t the same.  Amanda’s friend, Lindy, left some cat food  and my favourite paper, The Mail on Sunday, lots of crosswords, a big General Knowledge crossword.  I managed 21 answers, you, Barbara, about 18 answers.  (Catherine sends a number of texts to me on Sunday mornings, giving me a clue and expecting me to know the answer.  She doesn’t always give me the number of letters required.  They come like bullets from a shot gun.  As I send an answer to one question she is firing another.  It’s good fun, a challenge.  I hope she wins a prize and we get to share it at Afternoon Tea at the Ritz!). I was so pleased to get a paper and I enjoyed doing it.

Monday, life is back to normality.  More of a system, Monday to Friday.  Inspector Frost is back.  I actually got on my hands and knees and washed the skirting board, where my old TV was and now I can’t stop looking at it, being so clean!!  I will have to start wearing Marigolds; my hands are so sore from over-watering.

Amanda and Wade did a ‘Drive Through’ and left a goody bag on the doorstep plus a bottle of wine and more ‘Tilly’ cat food which is hard to get.  I don’t think she (Tilly) realises how lucky she is.  And I got to see Amanda ‘live’ from her car.

I’m feeling a lot happier today.  I had a phone call from Sue; she goes to the Thursday Club which is closed and a call from Christine.  She’s feeling a bit fed up so I said she should have two sherries tonight.  She said it’s not the same, unless I’m there.  Hopefully, it won’t be too long.

P.S:  I haven’t turned Bruce’s phone off yet and he got a text saying “You must stay at home” and he’s certainly doing that.

I think it is fascinating, reading the diaries of people under ‘Lockdown’.  It is easy to feel you know their friends and family, what are the important things in their lives.  Tweets will disappear into the mists of time but Blogs will last for time, something to look back over when we’ve come out of ‘Lockdown’.  Thank you Catherine.

PS: Three pictures of Isabella on a pile of tea towels!!

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