Catherine’s Diary (14): 27 May 2020


OK, sometimes Catherine dates her diary entries, sometimes she doesn’t; sometimes she puts the time on it, sometimes she doesn’t; sometimes she forgets to write something so adds it to the back of the sealed envelope, must be interesting for the post people but always she thanks the post people.  This diary wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for the Royal Mail service because Catherine’s missives are always hand-written, sent by First Class Mail.  The trip to the post box counts as her daily exercise.

The tea towel was a present given to me, by Wade, following him competing in the Nuclear Races in May 2019.  As you can see from the photos at the bottom, he must be mad!  At 8.30 am on 27 May 2020, this is what she said:

“A week ago, I couldn’t find Tilly’s hair comb.  As you, my Readers, know, I brush her hair everyday.  How can you lose a yellow plastic comb?  I was worried she would cough up the dreaded black fur ball, a devil to clean off the carpet!  I happened to move Bruce’s ‘Service Sheet’ and out it popped.  Amanda said “Dad must have put it there!”.

I thought it was about time I spoke about Wade (Amanda’s husband).  It’s his birthday this week.  I asked Barbara and Liz to write a poem about what he does for me: goes to the supermarket and gets my shopping, picks up my medication from Boots, changes my light bulbs and batteries in the smoke alarm, makes a brilliant roast chicken with a lovely crispy skin (and lovely roast potatoes and vegetables) which I am looking forward to after lockdown is over.  He put my lovely new lawn mower together (it came in bits) and, above all, supports and loves my daughter.  Happy birthday Wade.  I will be texting Wade at 12.05 tonight.

The plants in the garden are changing again.  The plant that has prickly branches, orange berries in winter, starts with a ‘p’, looks as if it’s got an avalanche of snow on it, so much flower.  The briar rose on the wall has started to develop red and white flowers and the peony which is white, with a touch of maroon, is blooming lovely.  That plant came from Fred’s garden in Greenford (my late father-in-law), over 31 years ago.  So Rupert (teddy bear) will be taking another ‘turn’ round the garden.  All this fresh air he is getting! 

Last Wednesday, a friend took me for a long walk, took me past the nature reserve, down a country lane.  It was hard coping with ‘social distancing’ and talking at the same time.  I’m not good at multi-tasking; I kept looking at the ground so I wouldn’t fall over.  Amanda took me on the same walk on Saturday, but in half the time, a shock to my system, fell asleep Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, I received a jigsaw from Barbara.  Afraid to say it, I am still stuck on the ‘outline’ but I’m managing to put a piece in nearly every time I walk past it.  Saturday I received my lovely, long-awaited frying pan and on Tuesday I had a go at pancakes, not quite the Delia Smith recipe but they came out superb and had three with maple syrup.  Really proud of myself adding them to my repertoire!

I don’t write much about Amanda.  She is always there and very supportive to me, organises my shopping lists and any problems that arise.  Amanda visits once a week, sometimes twice but always outside and always ‘Social distancing’.  She is always there at the end of a phone.  I’d like to thank O2 UK for giving me three months free phone calls, so I will be adding them to my Thursday ‘Clapping and Bell Ringing’.

P.S: I thought Rupert was very photogenic in my Diary print off 

P.P.S: Onions still doing well on the front lawn

P.P.P.S: The dreaded tweezers might be coming on Saturday, my one hair beard is getting longer!

Thank you, Catherine, for keeping me, and many others, entertained.

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