Catherine’s Diary (15): 28 May to 1 June 2020


My aunt Catherine has been ‘at it’ once more: a diary with four dated days.  She is certainly challenging my ability to find a relevant tea towel.  The best I can do today is ‘Garden Birds’ because the birds in Catherine’s garden are one of the things that are keeping her spirits up (and I don’t have any tea towels about ‘cat sick’, ‘exercise’ and ‘food deliveries’).

28 May 2020

Last night I went up I for my shower, as I was putting my clothes in the wardrobe, my foot touched something really cold, and it squelched through my toes.  Cat sick, yuk!  This morning I had another lot on the window sill, carpet and blanket so I am nominating Tilly for ‘Cat Sick of the Week’.

Up early this morning; it’s Dustbin Day, had to get the wheelie bin, with the food bin, to the bottom of the path.  Cats fed, food for the starlings, then Weetabix and tea for me.  I got myself ready and decided to post my ‘Diary’.  I stopped halfway, to catch my breath, when a man asked me if I was alright.  Then he promptly told me “exercise is good for you”.  I told him my daughter would agree with him.

I’ve been saving the left-over dish water, and watering my plants with it.  With all the hot weather they might ban hosepipes, not that I can use one.

Finished the day with a slice of bread and honey and a gin and tonic.

29 May 2020

A day of not doing much.  I’ve taken up a bit of balancing exercise.  Amanda gave me a ‘foam roller’ a month ago.  It has a flat bottom and curved top; by putting my feet on it alternatively it is helping me with balancing.  I can stand on it for 20 seconds without falling off; hopefully it will help me with my walking.

Between 1 and 2 pm, I had a tearful hour.  I don’t know why, as I’m not ‘down’, still feel normal.  Do pensioners still get hormonal or is it to do with the phases of the moon?

Amanda was lucky tonight.  She saw a load of geese, in a ‘V’ formation fly over her back garden.  I’ve only seen that twice in my life.  On her walks she visits a pond with swans and cygnets, geese and goslings and feeds them with special foods.  My brood of starlings are on their last ‘fat square’ so I asked Amanda if she could order me some fat balls and fat square.  They are being delivered on Sunday, lucky birds.

In three weeks time, Amanda and Wade have asked me round for brunch in the garden.  I’m excited, but trying not to be, because it all depends on the weather.  I think there is rain on the horizon but one lives in hopes that it will be fine.

Jennie, Amanda’s friend, mentioned she liked bacon with maple syrup.  I gave it a go on a small piece of bacon.  Yuk, keep maple syrup for pancakes

30 May 2020

Highlight of the week.  Up at 6.30 am, shower, dress, feed all the cats.  Amanda’s coming for a walk.  Amanda brought with her: my Diary print-off, four bottles of liquid bathroom plug hole cleaner, four bottles of kitchen plug hole cleaner (because although I don’t put fat down the sink you still get residue from the pans), Weetabix, mince, two big boxes of Felix cat food and Tilly’s special food.  We went for a ‘tandem’ walk to the shop, a nice short walk, bought a paper; magazines, bread and chocolate for Christine.  She has an ‘addiction’ for chocolate.  I’ve still got half an Easter egg in my fridge.  When we came back from the shop, Amanda did a phone video of me singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for Bruce’s cousin’s husband, Gordon, who is 60 in June; he might need cotton wool in his ears.  I told Amanda she could keep a copy of me singing as a memento; she said “I don’t think so”.  Amanda then went for a walk with her friend Jennie, a two and a half hour walk.  They did 13,000 steps.  I’ve been offered the same walk but I said “on your bike, no way”

1 June 2020

Yesterday, deliveries arrived.  Really meaty thick suet squares and suet balls, a big tub.  I felt thrilled to see it all.  Amanda popped some treats in my food delivery: cakes (I can open a cake shop), steak, cider, tonic water, pizza, loads of cat food.  Nothing more glorious than opening a cupboard and seeing all this cat food.

It’s 10.15 am and I’m not dressed yet but I have been doing things: washed the cat trays and put new litter in, threw a bucket of water on my Briar Rose.  My ‘babies’ have arrived, 15 of them and two doves.  I’ve also been watching Jeremy Vine demonstrate how to do a barbecue.  In my opinion it’s not safe, too many things to remember to do.  By the time you get to eat the food it would be stone cold, so many rules to follow.  Anyway I won’t be doing one, probably blow myself up!

This afternoon, I am going to Vivienne and Michael’s for Afternoon Tea, in the garden, two metres apart, really looking forward to it.  I have even put on one of my ‘forever’ blouses (had it forever!).  Still M&S clothes don’t date.  Even the handbag is going on a jaunt, not much in it: tissues, phone, keys and sanitiser.

Amanda phoned this morning saying she had ordered a bottle of champagne for Bruce and I’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Amanda said we should still celebrate though I thought ‘let it pass’ but she’s right.  Amanda, you are very thoughtful”

It’s strange the things that become important, or exciting, in this time of Lockdown (and easing of Lockdown), animals, deliveries, meeting friends at a distance, keeping in contact, worrying about friends……..

As an explanation about Catherine’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, Bruce, her husband, died unexpectedly last October.

Keep safe.



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