Catherine’s Diary (19): 24 to 27 June 2020


“Gordon Ramsey says pomegranates have been around since Roman times and they have healing properties; best start eating them!”

That was Catherine’s message on the back of the sealed envelope that today’s Diary arrived in.  What the post workers make of her helpful, and informative, messages‽  (please note the use of the Interrobang!).  The choice of tea towel for today is easy, a tea towel made from a photo, that Liz took, of Catherine’s Big Birthday.  It includes a lot the family she has mentioned: Ferruccio, Andrew, Christopher, Pam, Amanda, Catherine, Bruce, Wade and me.  Great memories!

24 June 2020

“Last night Amanda bought my laundry back, having washed it for me (the items that mopped up the water from the flooded carpet).  They smelt delicious, now in the linen cupboard.  I keep opening the door for a big sniff!  Also she gave me three big boxes of cat food.  Received my Diary print off (Number 17), trying to work out if the second row, first cake on the tea towel is Battenburg, one of my favourites (it is).  Nice to see a picture of Amanda on the front.  Not being technically minded, I thought the first paragraph about Barbara’s problems with her ‘Blog’ was gobbledygook!  (But if Catherine got linked to the internet and bought a decent phone or iPad, she would understand.  Time to move with the times, Catherine).

Exciting day today: my lovely new garden bin was being emptied.  I thought at first they had missed me out but at 11.10 am they arrived.  Now I’m ready to fill it up again

26 June 2020

Last night, I covered the carpet by the front door with newspaper, towels, sheets just in case the rain came in again.  I thought afterwards, if I had had a fire, the firemen wouldn’t be able to get in: a Catch 22 situation.  Though it’s not quite as hot, thank goodness, my brain feels foggy today, don’t know why!

Half filled my bin with the Briar Rose.  It’s in the process of a good cutback, lucky thing.  I’ve pre-booked a haircut for the middle of July, if the plans for releasing Lockdown all go through; fed up with the straddley bits in the morning.  I look like I’ve got a ‘Mohican’.

O2UK texted today: my 90 days of free calls are over and the Chiropodist came today, feet comfortable again.

27 June 2020

Would have been Bruce and I’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, where have all the years gone?  I read my card to him, that I got through Amanda, a jokey card with his name on the front.  I’m sure Bruce appreciated it.  When I arrived at Amanda’s there was a gazebo up, two chairs and a table for our ‘tea’.  Inside Amanda gave me a card from Bruce (her Dad would have asked her to get him one for me).  Bruce’s card was all lovey-dovey and, of course, I had a good cry.

I sat down with Amanda’s computer and three friends Zoomed in, how exciting.  I didn’t realise they could see me as well.  There was Wendy, Jeanette and her mother, and Carole, all ‘fitness friends’, just my cup of tea!!!

Unbeknown to me, friends Lance, Jennie, Rob and Stephanie arrived in the garden which was a lovely surprise, especially as I thought it would just be the three of us.  Afternoon Tea was ready, all arrived in a box, champagne.  Have to say I imbibed most of it, Lindy had some with me.  Also Sarah (her anniversary as well) Zoomed in with her son and son-in-law, Tom and Gareth.  Gareth has gone a bit blond and has that horrible designer fluff on his face!  He will be glad to get back to work (he is a hairdresser!).

Amanda took me and the computer back indoors and she Zoomed Christopher and Pam, Barbara and Liz, Andrew and Ferruccio and Elena in.  I can’t believe it.  I was looking at the family ‘live’.  It was very emotional and it brings tears to my eyes, writing this Diary.  This Zooming is amazing, to be able to ‘go’ to Wiltshire, Nottingham, Florence and Rome at the same time.  Christopher thought I was nodding off (I was the only one drinking champagne) but I was just ‘in awe’ of it all.

The best background was Barbara and Liz’s.  I liked the plate rack and the mugs on hooks.  I would like Barbara and Liz to show me the plates: are they all different, I wonder (they are mostly in pairs, all very different, but there are some single ones).  The living room was homely looking.  I did notice, looking at myself, my neck looked scrawny!  I also spoke to Andrew’s wife, Elena.  She said she had met me once at Beatrice’s house, what a good memory she has, better than mine (and I have a photograph of that day in 1986).

I received flowers from Vivienne, Michael, Sue, Lindy and Lance, and Jennie.  When I thought on Saturday Morning how empty I felt, Amanda you have done Bruce and I proud.  It was a superb day and I think about it every single day.  Thank you Amanda xx

What an amazing daughter to have arranged all that as a surprise for her mother on what must have been an emotional day.  Bruce had died last October.

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