Catherine’s Diary (22): 1 to 3 August 2020


Message on the back of the envelope: “It seems to me, we have forgotten the people who help us.  So thank you NHS, Postal People, Wheelie Bin and Food Bin Collectors, Shop Staff, Amanda and Wade, Barbara for printing my ramblings, my co-stars Tilly, Tinker and Blackie, and Rupert.  What would we do without them all?”

I quite like the preview I get by reading the back of Catherine’s envelope, giving me a sense of what is to come in the Diary.

1 August 2020

No wonder my eyes are bleary, had the wrong glasses on!  Weather extremely hot, saving washing up water for the garden later.  New front door coming tomorrow so clearing the mess I’ve accumulated in the foyer: four screwdrivers, shoe horn, half a stool, table, large bell, two elephant bookends (that were my Dad’s).  The elephants have to face the front door, don’t know the whole story, something to with stampeding.  Does anyone out there know?

I’ve told Wade, and the gentleman who’s doing my new door, that they can’t leave till I know how to get ‘in’ and ‘out’.  New system.  I hate change.  I will write the instructions down on a bit of paper.  Three copies.

Wade did a fantastic shearing job on my clematis bush, and no, I can’t get it all in my bin.  Wednesday is ’empty-out’ day, ready for the next lot.

Last Sunday, in my delivery was a ‘mix-up’.  Instead of scampi and frozen fruit I got Quorn Nuggets and a pack of ice lollies, water melon and apple with bits of chocolate on them in the shape of a triangle.  I think I got the better deal.  Amanda has ordered more ice lollies for tomorrow.

Last night, they forecast storms, got panicky, wasn’t sure whether to get dressed for bed.  I did in the end but took my trainers upstairs so if there was lightening I would put them on, as they had rubber soles, should keep me safe in bed.  I was lucky, no storms yet.  Checked the front door three times to make sure its secure, wondering whether to take the golf club with me for security.  It’s just getting used to new locks on the front door

2 August 2020

Delivery day; scampi arrived, salted caramel ice cream, wine to celebrate the new front door.  They were my ‘extras’ this week.

Wonderful news tonight: on the way to feed Blackie, I spotted a hedgehog in the garden, smallish.  I put some beef cat food for him/her.  I thought they had gone for good.  Good job hedgehogs don’t climb fences because my neighbour has put strips of pins along the top of the fence to keep the pigeons away.  We only get about four in the garden, we’re not living in Trafalgar Square.  It’s barbaric.  Next year, who will tell the baby starlings not to go on there.

My eye has been sore for a week now.  I have a pimple on the eyelid and a dryness near the eye, making it red.  Amanda said to keep wiping it with boiled water; it’s helping a bit.

Yesterday treated myself to some double cream, as I had run out of Weetabix, to go on my porridge with Maple Syrup, delicious.  My mind is boggling as I’m thinking pancakes, cream and syrup.  Got to use the cream up somehow!!

3 August 2020

The end is nearly here!  Yesterday, I had a small chicken crown roast.  Today it was a cold meal but with bubble and squeak.  Seven Brussel Sprouts with a carrot and two halves of potatoes.  Of course, this means I have only 14 (Brussel Sprouts) to go!  Hooray.

Two bits of good news tonight.  The hedgehog is back and Amanda is taking me to Sainsburys tomorrow, not that I need shopping but Amanda said it will be nice to look around.  I wouldn’t mind buying a new saucepan and a water filter jug.  I best make a list!  I am so excited, I have already packed my handbag!  Little things please little minds (No, that’s not right.  In this weird time of Coronavirus we all have learned to appreciate the small things in life, going back to basics.  Don’t put yourself down).

Forgot to say, Rupert and I pulled the wishbone together from the chicken.  He has a strong hand and we wished for the same thing.

Today’s tea towel is Herdy Heroes, which I bought for Catherine recently.

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