Catherine’s Diary (23): 4 to 21 August 2020


Someone lent me this picture of a tea towel.  It’s the best I can do for Catherine’s Diary today.  It is ages since I have had a Diary Entry from Catherine.  I’ve missed them. “This is a hickle pickle letter.  If you can make sense of it, you are a better person, Barbara, than me.  To the Postal Person, I have ate my last Brussel Sprout this month.  Can’t tell you what day it was, but the time was 6.51 pm”.   I just love the notes on the back of the envelope.  I never alter anything about what Catherine writes but today I am making an exception.  I have put it in ‘date order’ because it was all over the place, maybe because it is such a long time since she’s written anything (and you will see why later).

4 August 2020

“Amanda and I went to Sainsbury today.  Sanitiser as you go in the door for your hands.  Inside, huge white partitions by the tills and self-paying area.  I treated myself to two towels and a nice saucepan.  I also bought a couple of food bargains and I couldn’t leave without buying a box of cat food.  I enjoyed the outing, especially the car ride, but I’m in no hurry to go back to food shopping; Amanda does it perfectly online.  Though I would still like a visit to ‘Marks’.

5 August 2020

Managed to catch one of the Wheelie Bin Men, to open two bleach bottles.  The lids are so tight, not only ‘Child-proof’ but also ‘Pensioner-proof’.

6 August 2020

I don’t know what happened in my garden during the night.  A potted plant, wedged in another pot, found it’s way up the top of the garden.  The plant had come out of the pot, couldn’t be revived.  Plus a dustpan also managed to get to the top of the garden.  I’m hoping it’s not a fox.

7 August 2020

I went to Amanda and Wade and had my first roast dinner (since Lockdown).  It was lovely.  Wade does an excellent roast.  The week of the very hot weather.  With a friend, we went to town on a bus, my first time.  We were all spaced out (no, not drugged).  Couldn’t wait to get off and remove the mask.  Went to ‘Iceland’, no restrictions, free for all, wanted to check the price out for Yorkshire Tea.  Yes, Barbara said they were a bargain at £4.50 for 210 bags.  We went to MacDonalds; we had a sit down meal.  I was gasping for a drink.  The assistant helped us with the computer to order the meal.  No queueing at the counter, meal is brought to you in a bag and, when you leave, the paper bag stays on the table for the assistants to clear and sanitise the table.  No hurry to go back again but nice to have a ‘half-price’ meal.  Glad to get on the bus back home.  I miss the zig-zagging from shop to shop.  I know one-way systems are to keep us safe.

16 August 2020

I was sitting on the settee, torrential rain coming down, heard an odd noise, turned to look to the front door and water was gushing towards the living room.  Phoned Amanda for help, grabbed a blanket and towels to help soak up the water.  When Amanda and Wade arrived (sigh of relief) they removed the wet carpet so if it flooded again it will be easier to mop up.  And also managed to get the Wheelie Bin Men to take the carpet with them.  We don’t know why the water came in but Amanda knows someone who can help.  Then the extractor fan in the bathroom started to leak and now it doesn’t work so it’s opening windows after showers.  Hopefully will be mended soon.

On a more cheery note, I had a lovely present from Pam and Christopher.  Pam had quilted a book cover with cats on it and inside was a writing book.  Inside I wrote ‘This August Amanda let me kiss her for the first time in 6 months and on 15th she came round for a meal because Wade was working.  Macaroni Cheese, Amanda says I make the best”

20 August 2020

Amanda gave me a lift to my friend Wendy’s and we went to town again by bus.  No pushchairs accepted, unless folded.  The young girl at the bus stop had to walk to town.  I picked up my eye drop prescription then headed to Tescos.  Again no restrictions, life back to normal.  I needed some more biros.  I had run really low, checked the price in Tescos and there was a sale on so I bought a pack of blue and black ones, 10 in each pack.  On Saturday, I straightened my quilt cover on the settee, lo and behold, tucked down behind the cushions I found another 15 biros, 2 biros upstairs in a drawer, 2 in the kitchen drawer.  Will I use 39 biros in my lifetime‽   Amanda and I had a laugh over it, brought tears to our eyes.

21 August 2020

I don’t know where to start.  (But this is why Catherine hasn’t been writing in the last couple of weeks).  Within the last two weeks I have had a very sore eye.  I thought I would cure it myself by bathing it with boiled water but in desperation I ended up phoning the doctor, managed to get through in an hour.  We both came to the same conclusion: it was conjunctivitis so he issued antibiotic eye drops.  Four drops in the eye for five to seven days.  Fingers crossed that they work or it is back to the doctor.  I went to bed really early, 9.45 pm, my eyes felt really tired but for the Life of Riley, I couldn’t get to sleep and the smell of cat food wafting up from the bottom of the bed didn’t help.  Tilly had had an ‘off week’, so had been hiding.  So I pandered to her needs and fed her under the bed.  It got to 1 in the morning and I’m deciding whether to go downstairs and do egg and chips or pancakes, cream and maple syrup.  While deciding I fell into a deep sleep to 4am.

I would like to tell everyone, one day this month, at 6.51 pm, I ate my last sprout!!”

Catherine’s Diary has adapted nicely to the changes we are all having to make as Lockdown eases but we are still all very scared.


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