Catherine’s Diary (29)


Nothing on the back of the envelope, what will the Postal People think? What do I think? But still using the larger writing paper with, lines on both sides and very neat hand-writing. Text: “Apparently, we (Essex) are moving to Tier 2 at the weekend”. I expect there will be more about this in the next Diary.

“Re: the back of my last envelope, I have decided that I will eat spinach. I did two lumps with cabbage, carrots and a stock cube, really nice with the chicken and roast potatoes. I counted the ‘lumps’, I have 18 left. I divided them into two bags, hoping they didn’t look too many. Ha Ha, who was I kidding?

When people go shopping, do they look where their food comes from? Most of our chicken comes from Poland. Do we not have English chickens? You can’t beat our strawberries and asparagus, and Scottish raspberries. I like fruit from South Africa and Italian tomatoes. I could go on, but best not.

At long last, I have an appointment for eye laser treatment on 15 October, fingers crossed. In Epping I bought a fat ball feeder so the birds are set up for winter now (forgot to tell you that in my last Diary). Watching the news, in Italy Police go on the buses and check people are wearing a face mask, if not they are fined. People here don’t always wear a mask on the buses or in the shopping centre, large signs telling you which way to walk but they are mostly ignored. Last ‘feeds’ done. Must pick up the saucers as I have discovered Tinker finishes Tilly’s food up and Tilly leaves bits on her saucer.

Bed early as I have to be up early. Flu injection day. I asked Amanda to give me a ‘wake up’ call. Booked taxi for 8.45am, can’t rely on the buses that time of the morning, also have to wear a face mask in the vehicle now. Arrived at Boots early, filled in the form. I was asked if I was allergic to chicken or eggs (which I’m not), injection done, given a four-page leaflet about the vaccine and the side effects, five minute sit down to check I’m ok. After meeting Wendy for coffee, went home and as expected my arm became really painful, especially in the night. It woke me up!

Saturday, Amanda and Wade came round bringing a bag of litter, two more big boxes of cat food, it’s taking over my living room!! Amanda liked the socks and would like another pair. Re our text message: I actually brought ‘Mr Sheen’ halfway down the stairs and polished my ‘Whatnots’ shelves and Bruces Clay Pigeon medals, shock to the system. His brother (Mr Sheen’s brother) is still in my bedroom, waiting in anticipation to be used. Would also like to say that I have three WD40s. Bruce was a great believer in the stuff. In the shed are two bottles of Meths. No idea what he wanted that for!!

Shock, horror, when Lindy came for a cup of tea yesterday, she was greeted with a really flattened mouse on top of my wheelie bin and a dead bird in the front garden. Though squeamish herself, she volunteered to dispose of them for me. So it was spade and dustpan requested. Never seen such a flat mouse and it was greyish. Are they that colour as well? Also yesterday I had two doves in the garden, eating out of the same bowl, along with Robins. I think of them as my mystical birds. For the last three days I have had a Robin singing outside my windows. I believe Bruce is close by. It is a year today that Bruce passed away and it doesn’t feel real.

I had a second letter, within two days, from the eye unit. Still have an appointment on the same day but the time has changed from 3pm to 1.30pm. Seems a waste of postage. Why not ring up?

Stay safe”

Today’s choice of a tea towel is the Robin since Catherine has referred to the Robin as her mystical bird, around for the anniversary of Bruce’s death. Catherine, I hope you like this tea towel, designed by Clare Baird.

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