Catherine’s Diary (30)


The Post People were very busy last week. Three letters from Catherine, and three essays on the back of the envelopes. The first envelope arrived with a quiz in it but with no explanation. Silly me, I forgot to look on the back of the envelope for the explanation “Word Quiz enclosed, forgot to tell you. You have the same time to complete it as us (2 hours at the Club). This one is so easy, you could stand on your heads and do it. We managed (Mary and me) 56 words and I’m sure you will do better”. I am glad Catherine has confidence in Liz and me. We managed 67 words over breakfast.

The following day, another envelope arrived, with a quiz and no explanation. Back of the envelope again. “Isabella, you could do this puzzle sitting on your haunches. You have 10 to 15 minutes to do it in. If you can’t hold a pen, you will have to ask Liz or Barbara to help you. Happy hunting!” Isabella, of course, is the cat!!

The third letter arrived yesterday. A proper letter, on lined paper, with neat hand-writing. On the back of the envelope it says (and I did wonder if there was actually anything in the letter since there was so much on the envelope): “I can read my letter, several times sometimes, before it makes sense. Sometimes it doesn’t. I’m sure you will sort me out, Barbara. After all, it’s not everyone who has a ‘storm’ named after them. On the news, it says that the Royal Mail are collecting parcels from the house. Do you think, one day, they might collect letters as well. Thank you to the Postal Workers for collecting and delivering my letter. I’ve run out of space now. Well, nothing left to say. I do have something else to say. The dustmen (unusual word) have taken my empty bin right to the front door. Thank you.”

Update: Isabella is rubbish at doing quizzes!

19 October 2020

“First, I am going back to 12 October. It was a year since my husband Bruce, and Amanda’s Dad, passed away. I wasn’t sure what I would be doing that day but Amanda phoned and said she and Wade were on their way to pick me up and take me out. Our destination was Finchingfield. Bruce and I used to visit there. It has a village green, tea shop, antique shop and ducks. We had our lunch out, that was lovely, then we went to the pond. Amanda had duck pelletts. I loved feeding the ducks, loads everywhere. The ducks were skimming across the pond, mouths open as if to say ‘we’re coming, save some for us’. I said ‘come on then!’. I enjoyed my day with Amanda and Wade. It was a lovely surprise. Thank you.

I’m a bit into sport, watched the French Open a couple of weeks ago. I watched the highlights of the golf at Wentworth, must have been boring as I sank into a deep sleep. As I woke up I saw an apparition of Amanda, dressed in black with a white strip round her waist. Her hair was on top of her head in a bun. I looked for Wade, couldn’t see him, then I wondered how she got in the house. Then Amanda was gone (No, I hadn’t been drinking). It felt very weird. (It sounds very weird).

The following day, I couldn’t remember how to use the tin opener. The ring-pull on Tilly’s cat food tin had come off. It took me four hours to realise you put the opener on top of the tin and not the side to open it! Going down hill slowly!!

Saturday, decided to have Toad in the Hole, made the batter, put it in the oven then realised I hadn’t put an egg in the batter mix. I quickly beat an egg up, took the dish out of the oven and vigorously swirled the egg in, dish back in the oven and it turned out delicious!

Sunday, Amanda and I ‘zoomed’ into Barbara and Liz’s living room. Liz turned the computer round so we could see their lovely plates, jugs, mugs and dresser. It’s homely and we saw Isabella curled up in her chair. Amanda and I both said ‘Aaaah’. I know Barbara doesn’t like to talk about herself in my Diary but, both of us enjoying talking and laughing with Barbara and Liz. It’s like having a dose of medicine to cheer us up, also we put the world to rights. At Amanda’s I had a chicken roast dinner, and, shock horror, on my plate were two and a half b—–y Brussel Sprouts, which I ate first to get rid of them! I also texted Christopher asking him how he was, and blow me down with a feather duster, he phoned me. He said he would phone for a change. Anyway, I found out that he had pulled a ligament in his leg, and I’m sure, Barbara, that you are waiting in anticipation to know. Well, he was bouncing over-zealously (his words not mine) on his trampoline. Another month it will be much better. Christopher, I suggest you give up trampoline. It’s not doing you any good. Not on the phone long as it was Zoom Time with his grandchildren.

I’ve had a good week and weekend. Monday I return to normality. It was Club Day. I walked both ways. Instead of a metre apart, we sat two metres apart which meant one person per table. Had to raise my voice to be heard! There was eight of us but with this extra spacing we can only have 12 at the most. I’m sending Isabella the quiz. I’m sure you will both help her. It’s easy again, only 10-15 minutes.

Off to bed now; it’s gone 12am. My last words to the cats, Amanda and Christine and anyone else who’s listening are “Night night. God Bless. See you in the morning, the Lord be willing”

Late getting up for the bins, forgot to write the time to get up on my forehead. It’s foolproof if you haven’t got an alarm clock. I haven’t got round to buying one yet. See you anon”.

Catherine has chosen the tea towel to be associated with this Diary entry: one of Finchingfield, because, of course, I have one of Finchingfield. I believe Essex is in Tier 2 now. Keep safe! And Liz and I really enjoyed meeting up with Catherine and Amanda on Zoom, a little normality in an abnormal world, although I would have liked the Chicken Roast Dinner, including sprouts!

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