Catherine’s Diary (34): 18 to 26 November 2020


The National Gallery: 2020. To read the story

“I have really missed your text, Barbara. I hope you and your phone are back to normal soon” was the message on the back of today’s envelope. When my phone ‘died’, although I can text people with the iPad, but only if they have a ‘smart’ phone; sadly, Catherine hasn’t got one so we were out of contact for two weeks. All back to normal now.

18 November 2020

Tomorrow we will have been in Lockdown for two weeks. It’s going really slow. Amanda and Wade came today with a big bag of cat litter, cat food, a print off (of the latest Diary) and a huge box. On the box was printed ‘Wine down to Christmas’, an Advent Calendar Box with 24 miniature bottles of wine in it!!

Delivery Day today. Shock to my system, in it was a bag of frozen Brussel sprouts. Amanda said they were for Christmas but that’s not for five weeks. I texted Barbara about them and she said I should give them back to Amanda and stand firm!! I’m a weak-willed person and Amanda has one of her father’s traits – bossiness! One good thing in her favour, in the delivery was a bottle of gin, and some tonic. So I had one to get over the shock.

I attempted Lentil Soup today and surprised myself how good it was. I’m getting to be a good cook (and I’m blowing my own trumpet). Bob, the repair man, came and finished the porch. It looks really nice.

19 November 2020

Amanda and Wade took me to Van Hague’s Garden Centre; they have a lovely Christmas display. I bought two hanging ornaments for my tree, a robin and a dog with a Christmas hat, an ornament of Santa with a reindeer, dove and Santa is reading a book. This sits on my bookcase with my Snow Globe. I also bought a kitchen timer so I won’t have to burn anything, ever again. In a display unit they had a beautiful carousel, all lit up, the horses going round and round. When Amanda was three years old, Bruce and I took her to the seaside. Amanda and I went on the carousel on the pier, just me and her on a horse. I’ve been on one in France and Lincoln but I don’t know if I could get on one now! I enjoyed my morning there, it was refreshing to get out somewhere different.

21 November 2020

Decided to go up to town to the Post Office; I had a package to be weighed, also a card for Italy. No good sending to Italy on 2nd class; it will never get there. No queue, straight in and out. I wasn’t up there long. I was glad to get home, though surprised at how many people are coming into town, as there is hardly anything open. I got bored one night and wrote all my Christmas cards and I posted them on Saturday!

We’re now into the third week (of Lockdown Number 2). I don’t know what happened to me this Tuesday but I hoovered (the living room carpet was in shock), mowed the front and back lawns. The grass was so long, plus thousands of leaves, it filled half my garden bin. I washed the water bowl for the birds and refilled it. At the Garden Centre I bought a big bag of peanuts and treated the birds to some fresh ones.

Last week another of Bruce’s clocks stopped. Another one I have killed. I was really missing the chimes and swinging pendulum. So yesterday, I opened the glass door and pushed one of the hands hard, all of a sudden it started up. So pleased it’s going again. I made another fruit loaf, a dietary one again, till the butter goes on it.

23 November 2020

Went for a walk to the local shop, bought a paper, milk and bread. A bit of fresh air blows the cobwebs away. Cod treat for Tinker and Blackie today; it gets eaten up in a flash. Getting to be an expert at buying, and replacing, light bulbs. Managed to change the one in the living room and also the one in my bedside lamp.

26 November 2020

Up at 6am, switched the heating on; it’s getting really chilly. Fed Tilly and Tinker, got Blackie in to feed him. I heard the birds twittering so I fed them; it was dodgy going out in the garden in the dark. Now having tea and listening to Steve Allen on LBC. I don’t mind him in small doses but I don’t understand his humour. We’re going into the fourth week of Lockdown. Should know what Tier we are going into. I wonder what’s in store for us. I’ve never known a month go so slow.

P.S: Spinach balls are finished

P.P.S: With reference to the Brussel sprouts, there are 100 in a bag to get through.

On 28 November, Catherine and I ‘zoomed’. She told me exactly what tea towel I should use with this Diary and I can’t remember!! However, she had requested to ‘see’, via Zoom, the tea towel of the national gallery which she really liked. So I will use that one!

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