Catherine’s Diary (35): 26 November to 2 December 2020


“25 November: Tilly was 13 today. I know you like your dates in order, Barbara”. This was at the top of the page, out of sync because Catherine’s last Diary ended on 26 November 2020. Had no problem choosing a tea towel for today. This is one that arrived in the post about a week ago. There was no message with it. I couldn’t work out if it was a Christmas present (because I had already received a Christmas card from Catherine). Then I felt guilty because I had opened it, and it wasn’t in Christmas paper. I have a lot of friends who don’t use wrapping paper. So then I couldn’t ask her because she would know that I had opened it before Christmas. Life is so complicated. Two days later I got a text saying “Did you get the tea towel?”. All that anxt for no reason. By this time, the weather was bad and I couldn’t photograph it. I managed to do it on Saturday and promised myself that this is the tea towel I would use for the next Diary! It’s a great tea towel. Thank you!!

26 November 2020

Said ‘hello’ to three people I don’t know this morning, on my way to catch the 9am post. It was quite bracing, the weather. Still I’ve had my exercise. Not a lot done today. Still watching too much TV, especially Christmas movies. I had some surprises today: Gary put ‘The Mail’ through the door, a Christmas card from Brian (my first and already stuck on the glass door), Heating Allowance letter arrived and the best surprise was that Barbara was back on her phone. I have really missed her texts. All is right with the world now.

I had three dreams in the night: one was about Bruce, travelling on a train with a small black case. I was with him, with no case. Don’t know where we were going. In the second dream, Amanda and I went fruit picking with an old family friend (Jim Ward); we were picking apples; it was a beautiful sunny day, the grass was so green. The third dream was about ‘The Barefoot Contessa’ (I watch her programmes on the Food Channel) and she had made me a bland meal, which I thought was odd as the Americans use a lot of salt. A ‘pinch’ to us is a ‘tablespoon’ to them. When I woke up, I was thinking about Trade Winds, I don’t know where. (I wish someone would interpret Catherine’s dreams; they could be interesting).

27 November 2020

Booked a hairdresser’ s appointment for 11 December. The slot in my diary for 27th is blank. Can’t remember what I did, or ate! (There’s a lot of that about these days. Days just seem the same).

28 November 2020

Up early, going into town today to put my prescription in. I saw a friend on the bus who works at ‘The Range’. She said they had been very busy. People were buying bedding, cushions, rugs and lamps. All seems odd to me. Although I admit I’m looking for a new bottom fitted sheet. Wilko have three on the shelf: mustard, burnt orange and a greeny grey. Can’t imagine going to bed in them. They don’t match them the quilt, wallpaper or nightie. Instead I bought a box of biscuits, a present for someone, and a paper. Then I went home. At 4.30pm Amanda picked me up. I was going to her home for a takeaway curry and a Zoom with Barbara and Liz which I was really looking forward to. I had asked Barbara to show me some tea towels, as I only see them in black and white. (Catherine hasn’t got a devise where she can read her Diary, with tea towel, on. Her daughter, Amanda, prints it out but only in black and white) I wanted to see, in particular, the Robin, Pomegranate (brilliant colour), the cat one in Chinlon and the National Gallery. Interesting. For someone who knows where all her tea towels are, she couldn’t find the latest one, the Ladies in Corsets. Anyway, I enjoyed catching up with Barbara and Liz; it’s the next best thing to seeing them ‘live’. One day we will get to the ‘Flying Horse’ to share a meal.

29 November 2020

Usual chores, watching TV. I walked to the local shop for two pints of milk. I retrieved Christine’s paper from her letterbox (Saturday’s Daily Telegraph). Christine is in hospital after another fall. I was surprised her neighbours hadn’t pushed it right through. I’ve attempted the small crossword and that’s about all. Did some washing, watched more TV and had an early night for a change.

30 November 2020

Up early. Tinker sitting on my bedside table, waiting for breakfast. I’m sure Tilly sends her in first to get me up, which, of course, works. Decided to go to town to post a tea towel to Barbara (see above). It has to be weighed. Waited half an hour in a queue, 20 minutes was outside, security man was only letting four people in at a time. The time soon went as someone was chatting to me. Popped into ‘Wilko’, to check on the fitted sheet situation, still the same three colours! Can’t understand why the shelves are so empty. In the afternoon, watched three good Christmas movies. If I got tearful at the end, I’d class it as excellent. I do find, if it snows in them, I think it is superimposed as it seems not to settle on them. I know snow is wet but the rate it comes down, they should be smothered in it!

1 December 2020

Up even earlier, 5am, heating on. It’s chilly, got Blackie in, fed everybody including the birds. Two teas, writing Diary, listening to Steve Allen on LBC. I’m trying to avoid ‘also’ in my writing as I’m being picked up on it (by Amanda!!!) but I might have to resort to it.

Also I am descaling the kettle. The water here is so hard, it furs up fast and I’m de-tannining my mug, as it gets brown so quickly. It’s 7.30am, I’m going back to bed, getting really tired.

I slept for two hours, I arose at 9.45am. After I was dressed, I did some long-awaited dusting, hoovered all downstairs. In the garden I did manual labour, trying to get rid of all the leaves, not very successfully. Attempted to de-poo the rockery where Blackie performs but the mud was rock-hard from the frost, though I did get rid of some of it.

My lovely Jasmine bush has been flowering for two weeks, bright yellow flowers. My everlasting begonia is still in flower though I think the frost will get it soon. Restful afternoon and evening. I’m charging my torch, phone and Bruce’s phone. After my shower, I’m having Day 1 of my Advent Calendar, a miniature bottle of Chardonnay by Waters Edge, looking forward to it.

2 December 2020

Day 2 is a Merlot from Chile. Woke up at 6am. Last night I kept Blackie in as it was so cold, left the light on for him so he wouldn’t be frightened. Also kept the heating on. What a difference it makes to the house, especially by the front door. I have a new close-fitting front door, new cladding and yet it is still very chilly out there.

Tier 2 starts today. Amanda is back to teaching ‘Spinning’ on Wednesday and Friday at 6.30am

Highlights of today: Delivery 12-1, recycling collection and a walk to the post box to send this letter and Amanda’s cat’s Christmas card. Life is so busy!!!!

I wish I drank alcohol these days because I think that Advent Calendar sounds great!!

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