Night night Christine, love Catherine


In Diary Number 37, Catherine asked if I could use the ‘Lakeland Peaks’ tea towel. “The tea towel for next time, could we have the ‘Lakeland Peaks’; I’ve not seen it yet” However, I was determined that I would use the latest from Amanda. At the end of her Diary, on a separate piece of paper was this addendum. I felt it needed a page of it’s own because Christine was very important to Catherine so it is much more appropriate that ‘Lakeland Peaks’ is used here.

“On Boxing Day, I received a phone call saying my friend Christine has passed away. Christine has featured in my Diary. She was a very close friend, to both me and Bruce. I could talk to her about anything and everything. Before the Pandemic, we would share a schooner of sherry or two, putting the world to rights. Christine was always at the end of the phone for me, even more so when Bruce passed away. I will miss you, Christine, so very much. When we ended our call, we always said “Night night, God Bless”, day or night. Night night Christine. God Bless

We all need friends like Christine, people to rely on, come hell or high water. Through Catherine’s Diary I felt the connection they both had. I think it is difficult when people tell you that you still have the memories, it’s true but still not the same.

One thought

  1. I love your virtual teatowel museum. Everyday mundane items linking to our shared humaninty. Teatowels arrive in a home almost overlooked, but they are gifts, memories and sometimes even represent our hopes and dreams.
    Do you have a category of “pattern”?
    I ask bc my search for teatowels has been directed by my daughter’s kitchen – which is bright orange. We have found some marvellous 1970s orange and brown geometric designs.


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