Catherine’s Diary (39): 4 to 8 January 2021


I hope that Readers of this Diary have read previous ones, lets face it we are on Number 39, so that I don’t have to do a complete re-run of who Catherine is and how it came about. The thing that I will say is that (a) Catherine is my aunt (b) she hand writes every diary (c) she posts them to me, with a note on the back of her envelope for the Postal Workers (d) Amanda is her daughter, Wade her son-in-law and Bruce her late husband (e) Catherine lives with Tilly, Tinker and Blackie (cats) and Rupert (the bear) (f) my cat is called Isabella. Up to date? On the back of today’s envelope: “Ate 16 sprouts in two days, going down fast. How unusual, not much to say. I still love my pen (a four coloured one with each letter in a different colour)

Still 4 January 2021

Posted my Diary at 12pm, my goodness it is so cold, couldn’t wait to get indoors. Fame at last for Isabella. She has sent another postcard of herself. I got my magnifying glass out and Isabella is on the stamp as well (this is a TouchNote card). Billboards next. Barbara and Liz will you be her agent?

Not looking forward to 8pm. I feel we are going into another Lockdown, though I think I am already in one. Haddock three-ways for the cats. Tinker checked the plates to see if anyone had left any fish, no chance. Luckily enough Amanda had booked a Sainsbury slot for Thursday. Because of Lockdown we are adding a few more essentials. Having an early night for a change. It’s been a good day!

5 January 2021

Up 7am, did the usual things, breakfast for us all. Robin, starling and two blackbirds came in the garden for seeds and mealy worms, and a drink of water. After a shower, cleaned the shower plug hole and put Bathroom Buster down the hole. Sue popped round with homemade cake. I put my coat on, as it was freezing standing at the door. I hadn’t seen her for a long while, had quite a lot to talk about, it passed some time. Phone call from Amanda. Good news. From tomorrow she can work from home, so pleased for her. The other news was that Amanda was getting more tins for Tilly.

Quiet afternoon, took myself to bed for a nap, didn’t sleep, just thinking about Lockdown. Had dinner, steak tonight, did mashed potato, a bit bland because I forgot to salt them, broccoli and carrots with cheese on top the grilled, a bit more variety. Later on, I did my recycling and I fed the birds ready for the morning. It was really chilly out there. Showered then watched ‘Death in Paradise’, missed most of it as a long-time friend, Emmie, who lives in Felixstowe phoned. I enjoyed our long chat. She lives right by the seaside. Me, I’d be in for a paddle every day; mind you, its a very long steep hill you have to go down to get there. After I hung up, suddenly felt very hungry, raided my stores upstairs and found some Stollen slices, had two with my ‘Bullit’ fruit drink. Just realised it’s 12.05am, I’m off to bed.

6 January 2021

Late getting up, 8am this morning. Blackie eager to come in. He ‘ummed and aahed’ last night in deciding whether to stay in, so in the end he stayed out. I had his food ready, only as he steps over the door, he’s miaowing, impatient cat!! Now on his chair for his nap. Two doves, one robin and a blue tit visited this morning. (I hope Catherine is signing up for the RSPB annual Bird Watch at the end of the month!!). After shower, went to the local shop for a paper and TV Magazine, not that I needed them. They had no milk or eggs. I personally think that they are keeping them back. On Sunday, there were stacks of eggs and milk, can’t all have gone in 3 days. Arrived back, took the secateurs and managed to cut back the clematis. As I was doing the gardening, the truck arrived. I said nothing today but “Hold on I have something for you” so I gave them their Christmas sweets which they thanked me for, wished me a happy new year. While I was outside, another friend passed, Helen from up the road. We chatted for about half an hour. Came in for warmth and tea, read my paper then I took my hoover for a spin. The cats fled upstairs! Took my Christmas tree off the bookcase and I went upstairs with it so Bruce could see it. And I’m sure that Bruce would find the Sprout decoration amusing. After my shower, checked the front door and it had been unlocked since 11am. Anyone could have walked in, lucky this time. I’ve had a good day, been busy for a change. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

7 January 2021

On the ball again today. Up at 8am. We all had breakfast, cat trays cleaned, recycling cleared from the kitchen, fruit in the ‘Bullet’ has been spun, ready for tonight, bit of cleaning done. Resting now until 1pm when the delivery arrives.

In a huggable mood with my Kitchen roll, my old friend ‘Plenty’ is back again. It came last week as well, plenty of cat food. Amanda has ordered a lot of different things which was a nice surprise. It doesn’t happen very often but the delivery driver wore a mask. I felt really tired this afternoon. I think it is to do with my new routine, so I packed myself off to bed, putting my electric blanket on, then Tinker decided to keep me company. We went out like a light! Had another odd dream which actually woke me up. The house I lived in before I left home had a large double garage. Bruce asked me to put his car in the garage but I couldn’t find his car key. Amanda also asked me to put her car in the garage but I was too scared in case I damaged it. The odd thing is that I don’t drive!

Fed the birds for the morning with seed. I treated them to some halved grapes and I grated them some cheese. Leaving the heating on tonight. It’s cold outside. Blackie’s in on his chair and Tinker, Tilly and I are off to bed.

8 January 2021

Good news, non-recycling gets taken away today. My bin weighs a ton, mostly to do with all the cat litter I get rid of.

I texted some people ‘Good morning, how are you?’ And gave a weather forecast. I got an answer from everyone almost straight away, most unusual. (That’s what Lockdown does for you, makes you want to keep in touch with people more than usual, if only by text). I prepared my dinner for tonight, Chicken Stirfry (and yes it was delicious). Sue popped round, to collect some chocolates, nuts and hard chocolate that I can’t eat, on the footpath. She was with Eddie (the dog) who was having a nice walk. Took Amanda’s advice and attempted to do the ‘Brussel Sprout’ jigsaw this afternoon, afternoons are really slow. How hard can this jigsaw be? (1) it’s for 8+ (2) only has 100 pieces but I didn’t realise it’s double-sided. Can’t make out whether its going to be round, square, triangular, oblong etc. One side is darkish green, the other side medium green. Talk about time passing, I did 10 pieces in two hours!!!

Today’s tea towel will be of Felixstowe since Catherine mentions Felixstowe and Amanda bought it for me, a family affair!

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