Catherine’s Diary (40): 9 to 17 January 2021


So who would have thought when we started this project of ‘Catherine’s Diary’ that she would still be going, after 40 entries. It may have occupied her time but it has also given a lot of pleasure to Readers and enabled her to keep in touch with family. Keep on going!!

9 January 2021

Testing new writing paper out, smaller than the other sort. I have had too much fresh air today, reason being, I put chocolate powder on my frozen strawberries, instead of in my mug, as I was having a milky drink. Washed the powder off with cold water, can’t waste my frozen fruit. Went down the road for a paper and bought some leeks (making leek and potato soup again), really foggy and cold this morning. When I arrived home, on the spur of the moment, went and posted my Diary. As luck would have it, I met a Postman and he offered to take it.

Amanda came round with my print-offs; tea towel excellent choice. I could relate to a few of the words (from ‘Oldies’ Text Code’). Amanda didn’t come in; we should keep apart for a while, this virus is rife. Amanda brought more tins for Tilly. I’m running out of cupboard space! I’m now stacking them half way up the stairs. Janine, a friend of Amanda’s, texted to see if I was still writing my Diary. I said I seem to talk about mostly cats, cat food, cat sick, birds, food deliveries, cooking. New skills abound. (Let’s face it, that is what Lockdown is all about)

10 January 2021

Cod steak treat today for everyone (except me); I’m having Chicken Kiev. Amanda phoned, exhausted from doing Zoom classes. She ordered more litter for me. Now doing three trays as Blackie is in, most of the time.

Jenny came round for a chat, at a social distance, for half an hour, as it’s still really cold here. She has a good walk before she comes. I look forward to it as it breaks my afternoon up. Had an unexpected call from Pam, nice to hear from her. Christopher, who doesn’t normally cook, is making Pam a Spanish Omelette. I wonder how it will turn out. Pam said she would text later with the results.

11 January 2021

Update text from Pam: Omelette was very tasty but Christopher couldn’t flip it as it was stuck in the pan. Still, Christopher, you made an effort to cook a meal. Back to blanching: I did more parsnips and carrots, good vegetable variety in the freezer again, and no sprouts. Can’t believe I’ve eaten them all.

Yesterday, I ate a lot of York Fruit jellies. I think the sugar gave my body a boost today. I vacuumed the living room, did a lot of hand washing and I made a vegetable soup, all before 10.30am then I had a shower. Time has gone fast today. I had a good giggle tonight when I texted Barbara to say that I had answered a question on University Challenge about ‘bricklaying’. She texted back “So when did you become an expert on bricks?”

12 January 2021

Due to boost of work yesterday morning, while trying to watch Professor Brian Cox on the Planets, I crashed out. All I remember is in 500 billion years there will be no Sun, and Venus is the hottest planet. I am interested in the sky, but not deeply. I used to watch school programmes years ago, but then I was a lot brighter!. Today, I caught the end of a science lesson, about how animals keep cool. Afterwards it was the Planets again; Mars this time. Professor Brian Cox says we could, in time, live there and we would be the Martians, but the air is very thin. That is all I can recall. Jupiter tomorrow. I’ll try and stay awake properly, no more excessive sugar for me. One more snippet I’ve remembered, the ‘Moon’ was named ‘Moon’ in 1919 by the IAU; in the past it had other names like ‘Lunar’ and ‘Selene’.

How about that? I have found, in an old dictionary, about a brick called a ‘stretcher’. It’s a brick or stone laid with length in direction of the wall. It’s not in my newer dictionaries, so pleased to see the meaning. I had a phone call from Amanda, telling me the order of litter was due at her house today. We had a chat about other things then she was resuming work (at home). It was nice to talk to her, passes the time. This morning I received a postcard from Barbara, Liz and Isabella, so nice to receive some mail. How lucky they are to have a Nature Reserve behind their home. Is there deer and foxes in there? (Answer: No). What really interested me is how Isabella gets her picture on the stamp (Answer: By using TouchNote). After the shower tonight, I had a chat with Tilly. We discussed our day and Bruce listens in. Tilly had a good comb. I wonder where fur comes from, so much fur comes out when I comb her hair.

13 January 2021

Though I haven’t done much, I feel more active today, or should I say ‘alert’! Yesterday, I was thinking of what I was going to do today, but it’s completely gone out of the window. Managed to take part part of the hoover upstairs though, cooked a roast dinner; we all had roast chicken. Got the Wheelie and Food Bins ready for tomorrow. We are back to normal collection day next week. Phone call from Vivienne and one from Amanda. Amanda has got me a ‘Sainsbury’s Pass’ for a year so I don’t pay the delivery fee, which is expensive when we are in Lockdown.

2pm was Jupiter. I’m afraid I found it hard to follow and I fell into a deep sleep. Will try again tomorrow.

14 January 2021

Up early, not my idea. Tinker jumping up and down on my bedside table, her idea! Blackie yowling, so shoved him in the garden, can’t have that noise first thing. Kettle on and started the feeding process. Blackie is now in, all cats fed, peace at last. Barbara beat me this morning with a “Good morning/how are you?/weather forecast” text. Well, its miserable weather here, but I’m fine and that’s what counts!

Cleaned cat trays, fresh litter then I cut the perforations on a roll of white bin bags. It’s so annoying when they don’t come apart cleanly. I did about 50 bags! All before 9am. Checked my diary to see what I did today. Food delivery is all I remembered

15 January 2021

Christine’s funeral. Up early, walked to the Crematorium slowly. Seven of us altogether. The service was warm and Christine’s life was interesting. In the eulogy, we were all mentioned, even down to my Diary and cats; it was nice to be included. Slow walk home, glass of Glenfiddich and two coffee Black Magic chocolates to Christine’s memory. I don’t know if I feel closure or not.

16 January 2021

Snow today. Amanda came round with flowers, tulips and irises, newspaper, Fruit Pastilles, French Fancies, three homemade Brownies and two bags of litter. I’m feeling better, Amanda!

Treated myself to a Curry Takeaway, no cooking tonight

17 January 2021

Hectic morning. Late afternoon I was going back to bed but Tinker had taken up residence on my bed, didn’t have the heart to shove her off!

Had shower, dressed, went to the shop and bought a paper plus a Word Search and magazine for Sue as she is self-isolating and is fed up. Thought the magazines might cheer her up (which they did). Two Crosswords to do; sent Christopher the ‘down’ clues, give his brain something to do, though he did ask me to give him ‘how many letters in each answer’. I ask you, you can’t have it easy Christopher! Isabella had the ‘across’ clues. This cat is so clever, though I expect she had some help from Barbara. £2000 split three ways, plenty of cat food for you Isabella and a meal for the rest of us when we meet again. Can’t wait to see you all!!

The tea towel that I have chosen for today is the ‘Solar System’ since Catherine seems to be spending her life with Professor Brian Cox!

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