Catherine’s Diary (41): Starting 21 January 2021


Seems like a long while since I received one of Catherine’s Diaries. Was the post bad? Hadn’t she written one?….. Today, it arrived. The note on the back of the envelope offered some explanation: “I’m sorry, Barbara, this letter is a long time coming. Thought I had nothing to say. All of a sudden my brain exploded, probably why there is so many crossings out and inserts. Down to you to decipher it. Thank you Postal Workers, Doctors, Nurses and Wheelie Bin Men and Women for all you are doing”

17 January 2021

Catastrophe tonight. Doing a crossword with Isabella, online shopping with Amanda, knock at the door, parcel from Amazon! Two towels and five boxes of fixative for false teeth. (I have no idea if Catherine wears false teeth!!)

18 January 2021

Emerged at 7am, fed two cats, back to bed for an hour, shower, dressed, out to post box to post our competitions and my Diary. Quite nice outside, at least it’s dry. Breakfast and tea watching Jeremy Vine. At some point fell asleep, must be all that fresh air I had earlier. Tidied up, fed the birds. I told Blackie that it’s getting cold outside. Must be dinner time because Tinker has come down and is sitting by my feet. This afternoon, sitting on the settee, Tilly jumped onto my lap, laid down while I stroked her head. I thought it weird being on my lap for so long, then I realised it was Blackie. His head is bigger than Tilly’s which should have given it away. Amanda said I must have been asleep!

Good news, I found my pen of many colours. In a panic to get to the front door last night, I dropped it. Found it as it was going down the back of the settee. What a relief! (Readers will not appreciate the fact that Catherine has now written every other line in red then green. It is somewhat dazzling). Over the last few days, I’ve lapsed writing the Diary. All my days seem the same; I’m told to keep writing. What about? Are my ‘Readers’ getting bored hearing about cats, feeding birds etc? Though 21st January was exciting, as I received the vaccine, I wasn’t worried about it. The thing that worried me most was finding the entrance to the building. How silly was that?. Plenty of volunteers to show you where to go, all very polite. As I wasn’t allergic to anything with no underlying health conditions, I didn’t have to do the ’15 minute wait’ after the injection and I had a lift there and back. On Friday, I slept most of the day, as I had a lack of sleep during the previous night. Arm was sore for two days, but now it is just tender to touch.

Saturday, paper day, came home and for some reason started crying. I don’t know if it was losing Christine and Bruce, or not going out. I did think after half-term in February, restrictions might be lifted but Wade told me it might now be after Easter, so that probably finished me off. Amanda said because you can’t go out, you want to go out, and anyway the weather is too cold for the seaside! Amanda kept phoning during the day, checking on me. At one point she asked if I’d flooded the house with my tears! I said to Amanda “Stop ringing, I’m ok now”. I had perked myself up. I have to admit, each day, I text quite a few people good morning, and include the weather forecast! But Saturday, they texted me first and I didn’t feel like replying. In the end I had to reply to two people as they were getting worried.

As dusk fell Saturday night, the dark grey clouds had a hint of the sun on them, an unusual sight. Sunday was the best to come, I got up at 7.30am, as the sun was coming through the clouds, the sky glowed red. It was beautiful but by 8am it had disappeared, but I can still see it in my mind. About 11am, the snow came, started light, then came thick, not enough for ‘Snow Angels’ or a Snowperson. Barbara and Christopher had deep snow, lucky devils!

I also went to Amanda’s for dinner. A nice treat to go out. No cooking, no washing up. February, Amanda is getting a new phone and I’m having the phone she uses now. (Whoopee! will it take photos and also receive them?). So on Sunday I was having ‘phone lessons’. I will probably need a lot more. I press too hard or too light, the keyboard will take some getting used to. But it’s clever, after you’ve pressed two letters, it knows the word you want!! (I can see that both Chris and I will get some weird messages as a result of predictive text. Good fun, eh what‽). And I can see the person when I ring them, plus small squares that people send as pictures (which at the moment I can’t receive). Amanda managed to keep calm with the lessons!!!

I received another card from Barbara and Liz, the picture was the cakes that Liz cooks with her grandchildren online. Clever cooks are Hamish and Lyra. You could almost smell them, a nice dollop of cream with it would go a treat. Isabella was on the stamp again, forearms and paws crossed, and the franking lines passed over her nose. She looked as if she had glasses on; she looked like a homely Grandma.

Two Sundays ago, late at night, I had a brainwave. Using a letter of the alphabet, for a whole week, try and use as many words beginning with that letter in the ‘Good Morning’ text. We started with ‘A’. We would describe our ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Weather Forecast’ and ‘How are you?’ with as many ‘A’s’ as possible. It’s been good fun and we are using our brains. I didn’t know the letter ‘A’ could describe so much. Taking part are: myself, Barbara (niece), Christopher (brother), Mary and Michael (good friends). (Do you mean Amanda and Wade are exempt? That’s not right!!). This week (31.1.21) we are on ‘B’. (I have an advantage here as long as I remember to sign my name).

Closing my letter with Amanda. She was having a Teddy Bear made with her Daddy’s clothes: cardigan, dressing gown and check shirt. Well, her Teddy has arrived. On the sole of one foot is ‘Daddy’ and on the other ‘Bruce’. Amanda said she could smell her Daddy on the Teddy, and it’s true, I could smell Bruce. He is still here!

Today’s tea towel was a gift from a friend of mine, a very recent gift, and it seems appropriate because ‘Wheelie Bin Men and Women’ are a feature of Catherine’s Diary. Next time, however, I do hope she dates each entry but reading this one, I can understand why she didn’t. I think there will be very few people who don’t recognise that feeling of ‘Lockdown Despair’, even if you recover from it quickly! Thank you Catherine.

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